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A Century of Radio Stories

As a tribute to the radio industry's 100th anniversary in 2020, Playlist Research presents "A Century of Radio Stories" featuring interviews and stories about the history of the airwaves and the memorable music it made famous. This project will continue through December 2020.

Playlist Research documents the history of recorded music and the various forms of media that deliver it to the masses, such as commercial radio, public radio, college radio and the internet. Playlist Research was created by radio programmer and now writer/researcher/historian Alex Cosper in San Diego in 2007. It has grown to become a vast resource of over 1,000 pages used by media and music professionals, university students, reunion committees and music fans.

The site is designed to give you quick access to time periods of the past century to study popular music for specific years. It is also full of in-depth articles about the music and radio industries featuring several interviews with industry professionals. Not only does the site document various music genres and radio formats in major U.S. markets, it's also a hub for exploring regional music scenes in America and around the world.

The site was made with film and video producers, DJs and musicologists in mind. One of the main concepts behind the site is that it can help you assemble your own playlists for whatever purpose. Perhaps you need to put together a song list for an internet show, wedding, reunion, night club, school project or party. It's also helpful for cover bands to create setlists.

Whether you love mainstream or indie music, this site has plenty of musical themes for you to explore. Playlist Research is constantly expanding with content and is dedicated to music's past, present and future. Thanks for helping it become one of the leading comprehensive music research sites in America.

New Music Industry Podcast

New podcast featuring music and radio leaders
interviewed by Alex Cosper. The shows originate from San Diego. Some guests are live in-studio while others phone in, discussing careers and insights in music and the platforms that deliver it.



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