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Ryan Adams, Adema, Afghan Whigs, Afroman, Alarm, Alice In Chains, Alient Ant Farm, All-American Rejects, American Hi-Fi, Tori Amos, Adam Ant, Angie Aparo, A Perfect Circle, Apollo Four Forty, Fiona Apple, At The Drive-In Audioslave

 01  New York, New York (Lost Highway/IDJMG) Gold
 02  Answering Bell (Lost Highway/IDJMG) Gold

 01  Giving In (Arista) Adema
 02  The Way You Like It (Arista) Adema
 02  Freaking Out (Arista) Adema

 93  Sunshine Smile (Creation) Against Perfection
 93  Homeboy (Creation) Against Perfection

 93  Debonair (Elektra) Gentlemen
 93  Gentlemen (Elektra) Gentlemen
 96  Honky's Ladder (Elektra) Black Love

 01  Because I Got High (Universal) The Good Times

 98  Come On (RCA) One By One

 <<  see 80s
 90  The Road (I.R.S.) Standards
 91  Raw (I.R.S.) Standards

 91  Man In The Box (Columbia) Facelift
 91  Sea Of Sorrow (Columbia) Facelift
 92  Would? (Columbia) Dirt
 92  Them Bones (Columbia) Dirt
 93  Angry Chair (Columbia) Dirt
 93  Rooster (Columbia) Dirt
 93  What The Hell Have I (Columbia) Last Action Hero Soundtrack
 93  Down In A Hole (Columbia) Dirt
 94  No Excuses (Columbia) Jar of Flies
 94  I Stay Away (Columbia) Jar of Flies
 94  Don't Follow (Columbia) Jar of Flies
 94  Got Me Wrong (Chaos/Columbia) Clerks Soundtrack, also SAP EP (Columbia)
 95  Grind (Columbia) Alice In Chains
 96  Heaven Beside You (Columbia) Alice In Chains
 96  Again (Columbia) Alice In Chains 
 96  Over Now (Columbia) Unplugged
 99  Get Born Again (Columbia) Nothing Safe - Best Of The Box
 99  Fear The Voices (Columbia) Nothing Safe - Best Of The Box


ALIEN ANT FARM 01 Movies (New Noize/Dreamworks) Anthology 01 Smooth Criminal (New Noize/Dreamworks) Anthology 02 Attitude (New Noize/Dreamworks) Anthology ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS 03 Swing Swing (DreamWorks) All-American Rejects AMERICAN HI-FI 01 Flavor Of The Weak (Island/IDJMG) American Hi-Fi 03 The Art Of Losing (Island/IDJMG) The Art Of Losing TORI AMOS 92 Silent All These Years (Atlantic) Little Earthquakes 92 Crucify (Atlantic) Little Earthquakes 94 God (Atlantic) Under The Pink 94 Cornflake Girl (Atlantic) Under The Pink 96 Caught A Light Sneeze (Atlantic) Boys For Pele 96 Professional Widow (Atlantic) 98 Spark (Atlantic/AG) From The Choirgirl Hotel 98 Jackie's Strength (Atlantic/AG) From The Choirgirl Hotel 99 Bliss (Atlantic/AG) To Venus And Back 99 1,000 Oceans (Atlantic/AG) To Venus And Back 00 Concertina (Atlantic/AG) To Venus And Back 01 Strange Little Girl (Atlantic/AG) Strange Little Girls 02 A Sorta Fairytale (Epic) Scarlet's Walk 03 Taxi Ride (Epic) Scarlet's Walk ADAM ANT << see 80s 90 Room At The Top (MCA) Manners & Physique 95 Wonderful (Capitol) Wonderful ANGIE APARO 00 Spaceship (Melisma/Arista) The American A PERFECT CIRCLE 00 Judith (Virgin) Mer De Noms 00 3 Libras (Virgin) Mer De Noms 01 The Hollow (Virgin) Mer De Noms APOLLO FOUR FORTY 00 Stop The Rock (550 Music/Epic) Getting High On Your Own Supply FIONA APPLE 97 Sleep To Dream (Clean Slate/Work) Tidal 98 Criminal (Clean Slate/Work) Tidal 99 Fast As You Can (Clean Slate/Work) When The Pawn Hits TASMIN ARCHER 93 Sleeping Satellite (SBK) Great Expectations ARTIFICIAL JOY CLUB 97 Sick and Beautiful (Interscope) 10,000 Hz Legend DANIEL ASH 91 This Love (Beggar's Banquet) Coming Down 93 Get Out Of Control (Beggar's Banquet) Foolish Thing Desire ASSPONYS 95 Little Bastard (A&M) Electric Rock Music ATHENAEUM 98 What I Didn't Know (Atlantic/AG) Radiance AT THE DRIVE-IN 01 One Armed Scissor (Grand Royal) Relationship Of Command AUDIOSLAVE 02 Cochise (Epic) Audioslave 03 Like A Stone (Epic) Audioslave AZTEC CAMERA << see 80s 90 The Crying Scene (Sire/Reprise) Stray 90 Good Morning Britain (Sire/Reprise) Stray