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Cake, Calling, Candlebox, Jerry Cantrell, Cardigans, Catherine Wheel, Tracy Chapman, Chemical Brothers, Chevelle, Citizen King, Cold, Coldplay, Collective Soul, Concrete Blonde, Chris Cornell, Cornershop, Corrs, Elvis Costello, Counting Crows, Cowboy Junkies, Cracker, Cranberries, Crazy Town, Creed, Sheryl Crow, Crystal Method, Cult, Cure


 92  The Sweater (Sire/Reprise) Angel Food For Thought

 95  Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle (Capricorn) Motorcade Of Generosity
 95  Ruby Sees All (Capricorn) Motorcade Of Generosity
 95  Jolene (Capricorn) Motorcade Of Generosity
 96  The Distance (Capricorn) Fashion Nugget
 97  I Will Survive (Capricorn) Fashion Nugget
 98  Never There (Capricorn) Prolonging The Magic
 99  Sheep Go To Heaven (Capricorn) Prolonging The Magic
 99  Let Me Go (Capricorn) Prolonging The Magic
 01  Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Columbia) Comfort Eagle
 01  Love You Madly (Columbia) Comfort Eagle

 01  Wherever You Will Go (RCA) Camino Palmero
 02  Adrienne (RCA) Camino Palmero

 94  You (Maverick) Candlebox
 94  Far Behind (Maverick) Candlebox
 94  Cover Me (Maverick) Candlebox
 95  Understanding (Maverick) Lucy
 95  Simple Lessons (Maverick) Lucy
 98  It's Alright (Maverick/WB) Bitter Pills

 96  Leave Me Alone (Work) The Cable Guy Soundtrack
 98  Cut You In (Columbia) Boggy Depot
 98  My Song (Columbia) Boggy Depot
 02  Anger Rising (Island/IDJMG) Degradation Trip
 02  Angry Eyes (Island/IDJMG) Degradation Trip

 96  Lovefool (Mercury) First Band On The Moon
 98  My Favorite Game (Stockhold/Mercury) Grand Turismo

 92  Black Metallic (Fontana) Ferment
 92  I Want To Touch You (Fontana) Ferment
 92  Balloon (Fontana) Ferment
 93  Crank (Fontana) Chrome
 93  Show Me Mary (Fontana) Chrome
 95  Waydown (Mercury) Happy Days
 95  Judy Staring At The Sun (Mercury) Happy Days
 96  Wish You Were Here (PLG) Like Cats And Dogs
 97  Delicious (Mercury)

 91  What Do You See (Exile/SRC)
 92  You Think You Know Her (Zoo) Another Minute
 92  Another Minute (Zoo) Happy Days
 94  It's Over Now (Zoo) Trip

 00  Tangerine Speedo (Bomb Trax/IDJMG) Caviar

 90  Have In Mind (ZYX) Southern Lands
 90  Situations (ZYX) Southern Lands

 <<  see 80s
 92  Bang Bang Bang (Elektra) Matters Of The Heart
 96  Give Me One Reason (Elektra) New Beginning
 00  Telling Stories (Elektra/EEG) Telling Stories
 01  It's OK (Elektra/EEG) Telling Stories
 02  You're The One (Elektra/EEG) Let It Rain

 91  Pearl (Dedicated) Whirlpool
 92  Mesmerize (Dedicated) Whirlpool
 94  We Are The Beautiful (Arista) Blood Music

 90  The Only One I Know (Beggar's Banquet) Some Friendly
 90  Then (Beggar's Banquet) Some Friendly
 91  White Shirt (Beggar's Banquet) Some Friendly
 92  Weirdo (Beggar's Banquet) Between 10th & 11th
 92  I Don't Want To See The Sights (Beggar's Banquet) Between 10th & 11th
 94  Can't Get Out Of Bed * THE CHARLATANS (Beggar's Banquet) Up To Our Hips
 97  One To Another (MCA) Tellin' Stories

 95  Leave Home (Astralwerks/Caroline) Exit Planet Dust
 97  Setting Sun (Astralwerks/Caroline) Dig Your Own Hole
 97  Elektrobank (Astralwerks/Caroline) Dig Your Own Hole
 97  Block Rockin' Beats (Astralwerks/Caroline) Dig Your Own Hole
 98  Brother's Gonna Work It Out (Astralwerks/Caroline) EP
 99  Let Forever Be (Astralwerks) Surrender
 99  Hey Boy Hey Girl (Astralwerks) Surrender
 99  Out Of Control (Astralwerks) Surrender
 01  It Began In Afrika (Astralwerks) single
 02  The Test (Astralwerks) Come With Us
 93  Trout (Virgin) Homebrew

 98  Zoot Suit Riot (Space Age Bachelor Pad/Mojo) Zoot Suit Riot

 02 The Red (Epic) Wonder What's Next
 03 Send The Pain Below (Epic) Wonder What's Next

 97  Tubthumping (Republic/Universal) Tubthumper
 98  Amnesia (Republic/Universal) Tubthumper
 02  Don't Try This At Home (Republic/Universal) Readymades
 <<  see 80s
 90  Metropolis (Arista) Gold Afternoon Fix
 90  You're Still Beautiful (Arista) Gold Afternoon Fix
 92  Ripple (Arista) Priest=Aura

 99  Better Days (Warner Brothers)

 91  Human Nature (Perfecto/RCA) The Emotional Hooligan

 <<  see 70s
 <<  see 80s
 91  Wonderful Tonight (live) (Duck) 24 Nights
 92  Tears In Heaven (Reprise) Rush
 92  Layla (acoustic) (Duck) Unplugged
 94  Motherless Child (Duck) From The Cradle

 99  Another Brick In The Wall (Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax) Faculty Soundtrack

 96  Mission Impossible (Island) Mission: Impossible Soundtrack

 92  Through An Open Window (Critique)

 <<  see 80s
 90  Iceblink Luck (4 AD) Heaven Or Las Vegas
 91  Heaven or Las Vegas (4 AD)  Heaven Or Las Vegas

 01  No One (Flip/Geffen/Interscope) 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage
 01  Thirteen * with AARON LEWIS (Flip/Geffen/Interscope) 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage
 02  Gone Away (Flip/Geffen/Interscope) 
 00  Yellow (Nettwerk America/Capitol) Parachutes
 01  Shiver (Nettwerk America/Capitol) Parachutes
 01  Trouble (Nettwerk America/Capitol) Parachutes
 02  In My Place (Capitol) A Rush Of Blood To The Head 
 02  Clocks (Capitol) A Rush Of Blood To The Head 
 90  Downtown (Capitol) Lloyd Cole
 91  She's A Girl And I'm A Man (Capitol) Don't Get Weird On Me, Babe
 92  Tell Your Sister (Capitol) Don't Get Weird On Me, Babe
 96  I Don't Want To Wait (Imago/WB) This Fire
 97  Where Have All The Cowboys Gone (Imago/WB) This Fire
 99  (Imago/WB) Amen

 00  Automatic (Cherry/Universal/UMG) Dirty Wake

 94  Shine (Atlantic) Hints, Allegations And Things Left Unsaid
 94  Breathe (Atlantic) Hints, Allegations And Things Left Unsaid
 95  Gel (Select) Collective Soul
 95  December (Atlantic) Collective Soul
 96  The World I Know (Atlantic) Collective Soul
 96  Where The River Flows (Atlantic) Collective Soul
 96  Bleed (Atlantic) Collective Soul
 97  Precious Declaration (Atlantic/AG) Disciplined Breakdown
 97  Listen (Atlantic/AG) Disciplined Breakdown
 98  She Said (Dimension/Capitol) Scream 2 Soundtrack
 99  Run (Atlantic/AG) Dosage
 99  Heavy (Atlantic/AG) Dosage
 99  No More, No Less (Atlantic/AG) Dosage
 00  Why Part 2 (Atlantic/AG) Blender
 01  Vent (Atlantic/AG) Blender
 01  Perfect Day (Atlantic/AG) Blender
 95  A Girl Like You (A&M) Empire Records Soundtrack

 90  Steady On (Columbia) Steady On
 92  Round Of Blues (Columbia) Fat City
 97  Sunny Came Home (Columbia) A Few Small Repairs

 <<  see 80s
 90  Joey (I.R.S.) Bloodletting
 90  Everybody Knows (MCA) Pump Up The Volume Soundtrack
 90  Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)(I.R.S.) Bloodletting
 90  Caroline (I.R.S.) Bloodletting
 90  Tomorrow Wendy (I.R.S.) Bloodletting
 92  Ghost Of A Texas Ladies' Man (I.R.S.) Walking In London
 92  Someday (I.R.S.) Walking In London
 93  Heal It Up (Capitol) Mexican Moon
 93  Crystal Blue Persuasion (Restless) In Defense Of Animals compilation

 <<  see 80s
 90  Stone Cold Yesterday (TVT) One Simple Word
 91  Get A Gun (TVT) One Simple Word
 93  Slackjawed (TVT) Ring
 95  74-75 (TVT)

 <<  see 80s
 91  Beautiful Love (Island) Peggy Suicide
 91  Easy Easy Rider (Island) Peggy Suicide
 95  Try, Try, Try (American Recordings) 20 Mothers

 92  Seasons (Epic) Singles Soundtrack
 98  Sunshower (Atlantic/AG) Great Expectations Soundtrack
 99  Can't Change Me (A&M/Interscope) Euphoria Morning

CORNERSHOP 97 Brimful Of Asha (Luaka Bop/WB) When I Was Born For The 7th Time 02 Lessons Learned From Rocky I To Rocky III (V2) Handcream For A Generation CORRS 02 When The Stars Go Blue * featuring BONO (143/LV/Atlantic) VH1 Presents The Corrs Live In Dublin ELVIS COSTELLO << see 70s << see 80s 91 The Other Side Of Summer (Warner Brothers) Mighty Like A Rose 94 13 Steps Lead Down (Warner Brothers) Brutal Youth 02 Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution) (Island) When I Was Cruel 02 45 (Island) When I Was Cruel COUNTING CROWS 94 Mr. Jones (DGC) August And Everything After 94 Round Here (DGC) August And Everything After 94 Einstein On The Beach (For An Eggman) (DGC) DGC Rareties Vol. 1 94 Rain King (DGC) August And Everything After 94 A Murder Of One (DGC) August And Everything After 95 The Ghost In You (Capitol) Clueless Soundtrack 96 Angels Of The Satellites (DGC) Recovering The Satellites 97 A Long December (DGC) Recovering The Satellites 97 Daylight Fading (DGC) Recovering The Satellites 97 Have You Seen Me Lately (DGC) Recovering The Satellites 98 (DGC) Across A Wire: Live In New York 99 Hanginaround (DGC/Interscope) This Desert Life 99 Mrs. Potter's Lullaby (DGC/Interscope) This Desert Life 02 American Girls (Geffen/Interscope) Hard Candy 02 Miami (Geffen/Interscope) Hard Candy COWBOY MOUTH 97 Jenny Says (MCA) Are You With Me? 98 Whatcha Gonna Do? (MCA) Mercyland 00 Easy (Blackbird/Atlantic/AG) Easy COWBOY JUNKIES << see 80s 90 The Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning (RCA) The Caution Horses 92 Murder, Tonight, In The Trailer Park (RCA) Black Eyed Man 93 Anniversary Song (RCA) Pale Sun, Crescent Moon 94 Sweet Jane (Nothing) reissue Natural Born Killers Soundtrack 96 A Common Disaster (Geffen) Lay It Down 96 Lay It Down (Geffen) Lay It Down CRACKER 92 Teen Angst (Virgin) Cracker 92 Happy Birthday To Me (Virgin) Cracker 93 Low (Virgin) Kerosene Hat 94 Get Off This (Virgin) Kerosene Hat 94 Euro-trash Girl (Virgin) Kerosene Hat 95 Shake Some Action (Capitol) Clueless Soundtrack 96 I Hate My Generation (Virgin) Golden Age 96 Something To Believe In (Vigin) Golden Age 98 (Virgin) Gentleman's Blues 02 Shine (Backporch/Virgin) Forever 02 Don't Bring Us Down (Backporch/Virgin) Forever CRANBERRIES 93 Dreams (Island) Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? 93 Linger (Island) Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? 94 Zombie (Island) No Need To Argue 95 Ode To My Family (Island) No Need To Argue 95 Ridiculous Thoughts (Island) No Need To Argue 96 Salvation (Island) To The Faithful Departed 96 Free To Decide (Island) To The Faithful Departed 96 When You're Gone (Island) To The Faithful Departed 99 Promises (Island) Bury The Hatchet 01 Analyse (MCA) Wake Up And Smell The Coffee CRASH TEST DUMMIES 92 Superman's Song (Arista) The Ghosts That Haunt Me 92 Androgynous (Arista) The Ghosts That Haunt Me 92 The Ghosts That Haunt Me (Arista) The Ghosts That Haunt Me 94 Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (Arista) God Shuffled His Feet 94 Afternoons & Coffeespoons (Arista) God Shuffled His Feet 96 He Liked To Feel It (Arista) A Worm's Life CRAZY TOWN 00 Butterfly (Columbia) The Gift Of Game 02 Drowning (Columbia) Darkhorse CREED 97 Torn (Wind-Up) My Own Prison 97 My Own Prison (Wind-Up) My Own Prison 98 What's This Life For (Wind-Up) My Own Prison 98 I'm Eighteen (Columbia) Faculty Soundtrack 99 One (Wind-Up) My Own Prison 99 Higher (Wind-Up) Human Clay 00 What If (Wind-Up) Human Clay 00 With Arms Wide Open (Wind-Up) Human Clay 00 Are You Ready (Wind-Up) Human Clay 01 Riders On The Storm A Tribute To The Doors 2001 compilation 01 My Sacrifice (Wind-Up) Weathered 02 Bullets (Wind-Up) Weathered 02 One Last Breath (Wind-Up) Weathered 02 Weathered (Wind-Up) Weathered SHERYL CROW 94 Leaving Las Vegas (A&M) Tuesday Night Music Club 94 All I Wanna Do (A&M) Tuesday Night Music Club 95 Strong Enough (A&M) Tuesday Night Music Club 95 Can't Cry Anymore (A&M) Tuesday Night Music Club 96 If It Makes You Happy (A&M) Sheryl Crow 97 Every Day Is A Winding Road (A&M) Sheryl Crow 97 A Change Will Do You Good (A&M) Sheryl Crow 98 My Favorite Mistake (A&M) The Globe Sessions 99 Anything But Down (A&M) The Globe Sessions 99 There Goes The Neighborhood (A&M) The Globe Sessions 02 Soak Up The Sun (A&M/Interscope) C'Mon, C'Mon 02 Steve McQueen (A&M/Interscope) C'Mon, C'Mon 02 C'mon, C'mon (A&M/Interscope) C'Mon, C'Mon CROWDED HOUSE << see 80s 91 Chocolate Cake (Capitol) Woodface 91 Fall At Your Feet (Capitol) Woodface 92 It's Only Natural (Capitol) Woodface 93 Locked Out (Capitol) Together Alone 94 Distant Sun (Capitol) Together Alone CRYSTAL METHOD 01 Name Of The Game (Outpost/Geffen/Interscope) Tweekend 01 You Know It's Hard (Outpost/Geffen/Interscope) Tweekend CUNNINGHAMS 97 Bottle Rockets (Revolution) Zeroed Out THE CULT << see 80s 90 Sweet Soul Sister (Sire) Sonic Temple 91 Wild Hearted SON (Sire) Ceremony 91 Heart Of Soul (Sire) Ceremony 92 The Witch (WB) Cool World Soundtrack 94 Coming Down (Drug Tongue) (Sire) The Cult 97 Lil' Devil (Esire) Electric 01 Rise (Lava/Atlantic/AG) Beyond Good And Evil THE CURE << see 70s << see 80s 90 Pictures Of You (Elektra) Disintegration 90 Never Enough (Elektra) Mixed Up 90 Hello I Love You (Elektra) Rubiyat compilation 92 High (Fiction/Elektra) Wish 92 Fiday I'm In Love (Fiction/Elektra) Wish 92 A Letter To Elise (Fiction/Elektra) Wish 93 Purple Haze (Reprise) Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix compilation 96 The 13th (Elektra) Wild Mood Swings 96 Mint Car (Elektra) Wild Mood Swings 97 The Wrong Number (Fiction/Elektra/EEG) Galore 00 Maybe Someday (Fiction/Elektra/EEG) 01 Cut Here (Fiction/Elektra/EEG) CURVE 91 Coast Is Clear (Charisma) Frozen 92 Fait Accompli (Anxious) Doppelganger 92 Horror Head (Anxious) Doppelganger CUSTOM 02 Hey Mister (ARTISTdirect) Fast release: 3/19/02 CYPRESS HILL 00 (Rock) Superstar (Columbia) (Rock) Superstar