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Dandy Warhols, Dangerman, Danzig, Dashboard Confessional, Days Of The New, Default, Deftones, Depeche Mode, Dexter Freebish, Dido, Ani Difranco, Disturbed, Donnas, Doves, Dovetail Joint, Drowning Pool, Dust For Life, Dynamite Hack


 <<  see 80s
 93  She Kissed Me (Columbia) Symphony Or Damn

 92  Dizz Knee Land (I.R.S.) Puzzle
 93  Dim (I.R.S.) Puzzle
 94  All I Am (I.R.S.) American Highway Flower
 96  I Get High (MCA)
 98  California Gold (MCA)

 97  (Soma/Virgin) Homework

 94  Shrine (EastWest) Encendedor
 97  Burn This Bridge (Elektra/EEG)

 95  Weird Out (Ruffhouse) Dyslexicon

 97  Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth (Tim Kerr/Capitol) Dandy Warhols Come Down
 00  Bohemian Like You (Capitol) Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
 00  Godless (Capitol) Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

 99  Let's Make A Deal (550 Music) Dangerman

 93  Mother (Def American) Danzig
 95  Can'tspeak (American Recordings) Danzig 4
 96  Sacrifice (American Recordings) Blackacidevil
 99  (Evilive/E-Magine) 6:66 Satan's Child

 <<  see 80s
 90  Crystal Clear (Columbia) Crawdaddy
 90  It Makes No Difference (Columbia) Crawdaddy
 92  Please Yourself (Chaos) Erotica

 02  Screaming Infidelities (TVT) The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
 02  Saints And Sailors (TVT) The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

 97  Touch, Peel and Stand (Outpost/Geffen) Days Of The New
 98  Shelf In The Room (Outpost/Geffen) Days Of The New
 98  The Down Town (Outpost/Geffen) Days Of The New
 99  Enemy (Outpost) Days Of The New II (Green)
 01  Hang On To This (Outpost/Interscope) Days Of The New III (Red)

 93  The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove (4 AD) Into The Labyrinth
 93  Tell Me About The Forest (4 AD) Into The Labyrinth
 94  American Dreaming (4 AD) Toward The Within

 93  Sweet Lullaby (Epic) Deep Forest

 01  Wasting My Time (TVT) The Fallout
 02  Deny (TVT) The Fallout
 02  Live A Lie (TVT) The Fallout

DEFTONES 95 7 Words (Maverick/WB) Adrenaline 96 Bored (Maverick/WB) Adrenaline 97 Shut Up And Drive (Maverick/WB) Around The Fur 98 My Own Summer (Maverick/WB) Around The Fur 00 Change (In The House Of Flies) (Maverick/WB) White Pony 00 Back To School (Mini Maggit) (Maverick/WB) White Pony 00 Digital Bath (Maverick/WB) White Pony DEL AMITRI 90 Kiss This Thing Goodbye (A&M) Waking Hours 92 Always The Last To Know (A&M) Change Everything 95 Roll To Me (A&M) Twisted DEPECHE MODE << see 80s 90 Dangerous (Sire) b-side of Personal Jesus 90 Enjoy The Silence (Sire) Violator 90 Policy Of Truth (Sire) Violator 90 Halo (Sire) Violator 90 World In My Eyes (Sire) Violator 90 Sea Of Sin (Sire) b-side of World In My Eyes 92 Death's Door (Warner Brothers) Until The End Of The World Soundtrack 93 I Feel You (Sire) Songs Of Faith & Devotion 93 Walking In My Shoes (Sire) Songs Of Faith & Devotion 93 Condemnation (Sire) Songs Of Faith & Devotion 97 Barrel Of A Gun (Reprise) Ultra 97 It's No Good (Reprise) Ultra 97 Useless (Reprise) Ultra 97 Home (Reprise) Ultra 98 Only When I Lose Myself (Mute/Reprise) Singles 86>98 01 Dream On (Mute/Reprise) Exciter 02 Freelove (Mute/Reprise) Exciter DEXTER FREEBISH 00 Leaving Town (Capitol) A Life Of Saturdays DIDO 00 Here With Me (Arista) No Angel 01 Thank U (Arista) No Angel DIFFUSER 01 Karma (Hollywood) Injury Loves Melody ANI DIFRANCO 97 (Righteous Babe) Living In Clip 98 Little Plastic Castle (Righteous Babe) Little Plastic Castle 98 (Righteous Babe) Up Up Up Up Up Up 00 (Righteous Babe) To The Teeth DINOSAUR JR. 91 The Wagon (Sire) Green Mind 93 Start Choppin (Sire) Where You Been 94 Feel The Pain (Sire/Reprise) Without A Sound DIRE STRAITS << see 70s << see 80s 91 Calling Elvis (Warner Brothers) On Every Street 91 The Bug (Warner Brothers) On Every Street DISHWALLA 96 Counting Blue Cars (A&M) Pet Your Friends 96 Charlie Brown's Parents (A&M) Pet Your Friends 98 Once In A While (A&M) And You Think You Know What Life's About 02 Somewhere In The Middle (Immergent) Opaline 02 Angels Or Devils (Immergent) Opaline DISTURBED 00 Stupify (Giant/Reprise) The Sickness 01 Voices (Giant/Reprise) The Sickness 01 Down With The Sickness (Giant/Reprise) The Sickness 02 The Game (Giant/Reprise) The Sickness 02 Prayer (Giant/Reprise) Believe 02 Remember (Giant/Reprise) Believe DIVINYLS << see 80s 91 I Touch Myself (Virgin) Divinyls 91 Make Out Alright (Virgin) Divinyls THOMAS DOLBY << see 80s 92 Eastern Bloc (Giant) Astronauts & Heretics 92 I Love You Goodbye (Giant) Astronauts & Heretics DONNAS 03 Take It Off (Look/Atlantic) Spend The Night DOVES 01 Catch The Sun (Heavenly/Astralwerks) Lost Souls 02 Caught By The River (Capitol) DOVETAIL JOINT 99 Level On The Inside (Aware/C2/CRG) 001 DRAMARAMA << see 80s 91 Haven't Got A Clue (Chameleon) Vinyl 92 What Are We Gonna Do? (Chameleon) Vinyl 93 Work For Food (Chameleon) Hi Fi Sci Fi DROWNING POOL 01 Bodies (Wind-Up) Sinner 02 Tear Away (Wind-Up) Sinner DURAN DURAN << see 80s 90 Violence Of Summer (Capitol) Liberty 92 Ordinary World (Capitol) Duran Duran 93 Come Undone (Capitol) Duran Duran 93 Too Much Information (Capitol) Duran Duran DUST FOR LIFE 00 Step Into The Light (Bomb Trax/Wind-Up) Dust For Life DYNAMITE HACK 00 Boyz-N-The-Hood ( Superfast