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Eagle Eye Cherry, Earshot, Eels, Eiffel 65, Electronic, Eminem, Enya, Erasure, Melissa Etheridge, Evanescence, Eve 6, Everclear, Everlast


 >>  see EELS
 92  Hello Cruel World (Polydor) A Man Called E

 98  Save Tonight (Work) Desireless
 99  Wishing It Was * featured on SANTANA album (Arista) Supernatural
 00  Feels So Right (MCA) Present/Future

 02  Get Away (Warner Brothers) Letting Go 

 <<  see 80s
 90  Enlighten Me (Sire) Reverberation
 91  Gone, Gone, Gone (Sire) Reverberation
 97  I Want To Be There (When You Come) (London/Island) Evergreen

 99  All That You Are (X3) The Devil You Know

 96  Novocaine For The Soul (DreamWorks) Beautiful Freak
 98  Your Lucky Day In Hell (DreamWorks) Scream 2 Soundtrack
 98  Last Stop: This Town (DreamWorks) Electro-Shock
 98  3 Speed (DreamWorks) Electro-Shock
 00  Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (DreamWorks) Daisies Of The Galaxy

 00  Blue (Republic/Universal/UMG) Europop

 95  Connection (DGC) Elastica
 95  Stutter (DGC) Elastica

 95  Zephyr (Spacejunk/WEA) Burned

 90  Getting Away With It (Warner Brothers) Electronic
 91  Get The Message (Warner Brothers) Electronic
 91  Tighten Up (Warner Brothers) Electronic
 91  Feel Every Beat (Warner Brothers) Electronic
 92  Disappointed (Warner Brothers) Cool World Soundtrack
 96  Forbidden City (Warner Brothers) Raise The Pressure
 00  Vivid (Koch) Twisted Tenderness

 00  Sundown (Palm/Sire/SRG) Parlance Of Our Time

 91  Unbelivable (EMI) Shubert Dip
 91  I Believe (EMI) Shubert Dip
 91  Children (EMI) Shubert Dip
 91  Lies (EMI) Shubert Dip
 92  They're Here (EMI) Stigma

 99  My Name Is (Web/Aftermath/Interscope) The Slim Shady LP
 00  The Real Slim Shady (Web/Aftermath/Interscope) The Marshall Mathers LP
 00  Stan (Web/Aftermath/Interscope) The Marshall Mathers LP
 00  Way I Am (Web/Aftermath/Interscope) The Marshall Mathers LP
 02  Without Me (Interscope) The Eminem Show
 02  Cleaning Out My Closet (Interscope) The Eminem Show
 02  Lose Yourself (Interscope) 8 Mile Soundtrack

 91  Sadeness Part 1 (Charisma) MCMXC
 94  Return To Innocence (Charisma) Enigma 2: The Cross Of Changes
 97  (Virgin) Le Roi Est Mort, Viva Le Roi!
 00  (Virgin) The Screen Behind The Mirror

 <<  see 80s
 91  Carribean Blue (Reprise) Shepherd Moons
 92  Book Of Days (Reprise) Shepherd Moons
 94  Marble Halls (Reprise)
 95  Anywhere Is (Reprise) The Memory Of Trees
 96  On My Way Back Home (Reprise) The Memory Of Trees
 98  Only If... (Reprise) Paint The Sky With Stars: The Best Of Enya 
 00  Only Time (Reprise) A Day Without Rain
 01  Wild Child (Reprise) A Day Without Rain

 <<  see 80s
 90  Blue Savannah (Sire) Wild!
 91  Chorus (Sire) Chorus
 91  Love To Hate You (Sire) Chorus
 92  Breath Of Life (Sire) Chorus
 94  Always (Mute/Elektra) I Say I Say I Say
 97  (Mute/Maverick/WB) Cowboy

MELISSA ETHERIDGE << see 80s 92 2001 (Island) Never Enough 93 Come To My Window (Island) Yes I Am 93 I'm The Only One (Island) Yes I Am 93 If I Wanted To (Island) Yes I Am 95 I Want To Come Over (Island) Your Little Secret 99 Breakdown (Island) Breakdown 01 I Want To Be Loved (Universal) Skin 01 Lover Please (Universal) Skin EVANESCENCE 03 Bring Me To Life (Wind-Up) Fallen EVE 6 98 Inside Out (RCA) Eve 6 99 Leech (RCA) Eve 6 99 Open Road Song (RCA) Eve 6 00 Promise (RCA) Horrorscope 00 On The Roof Again (RCA) Horrorscope 01 Here's To The Night (RCA) Horrorscope EVERCLEAR 95 Fire Maple Song (Capitol) World Of Noise 95 Heroin Girl (Capitol) Sparkle And Fade 96 Santa Monica (Capitol) Sparkle And Fade 96 Heartspark Dollarsign (Capitol) Sparkle And Fade 97 Everything To Everyone (Capitol) So Much For The Afterglow 98 I Will Buy You A New Life (Capitol) So Much For The Afterglow 98 Father Of Mine (Capitol) So Much For The Afterglow 99 One Hit Wonder (Capitol) So Much For The Afterglow 99 The Boys Are Back In Town (Mercury/IDJMG) Detroit Rock City Soundtrack 00 Wonderful (Capitol) Songs From An American Movie Part 1: Learning How To Smile 00 AM Radio (Capitol) Songs From An American Movie Part 1: Learning How To Smile 00 When It All Goes Wrong Again (Capitol) Songs From An American Movie Part 1: Learning How To Smile 01 Out Of My Depth (Capitol) Songs From An American Movie Part 2: Good Time For A Bad Attitude 01 Brown Eyed Girl (Capitol) Songs From An American Movie Part 2: Good Time For A Bad Attitude EVERLAST 98 What It's Like (Tommy Boy) Whitey Ford Sings The Blues 99 Ends (Tommy Boy) Whitey Ford Sings The Blues 00 Black Jesus (Tommy Boy) Eat At Whitey's 01 I Can't Move (Tommy Boy) Eat At Whitey's 02 Love For Real (Tommy Boy) Eat At Whitey's EVERYTHING 98 Hooch (Blackbird/Sire/SRG) Super Natural EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL 90 Driving (Atlantic) The Language Of Life 94 Missing (Atlantic) The Amplified Heart