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Faith No More, Fastball, Fatboy Slim, Fenix TX, Filter, Five For Fighting, Foo Fighters, Fuel, Peter Gabriel, Garbage,
Gin Blossoms, G. Love & Special Sause, Godsmack, Good Charlotte, Goo Goo Dolls, Gorillaz, Gravity Kills, David Gray, Macy Gray, Green Day


 <<  see 80s
 90  Epic (Slash/Reprise) The Real Thing
 90  Falling To Pieces (Slash/Reprise) The Real Thing
 92  Midlife Crisis (Slash/Reprise) Angel Dust
 92  A Small Victory (Slash/Reprise) Angel Dust
 93  Easy (Slash/Reprise) single, later on Greatest Hits
 95  Diggin' The Grave (Slash/Reprise) King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime
 95  Ricochet (Slash/Reprise) King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime
 97  Last Cup of Sorrow (Slash/Reprise) Album Of The Year
 97  Ashes To Ashes (Slash/Reprise) Album Of The Year
 98  (Slash/Reprise) Who Cares A Lot: Greatest Hits

 91  All Together Now (Sire/Reprise) Spartacus
 91  Groovy Train (Sire/Reprise) Spartacus
 93  Love See No Colour (Sire/Reprise) Love See No Colour
 93  Messiah (Sire/Reprise) Love See No Colour

 98  The Way (Hollywood) All The Pain That Money Can Buy
 98  Fire Escape (Hollywood) All The Pain That Money Can Buy
 99  Out Of My Head (Hollywood) All The Pain That Money Can Buy

 98  Numb (DV8/A&M)

 98  Gangster Trippin' (Astralwerks/Caroline) You've Come A Long Way, Baby
 98  Going Out Of My Head (Astralwerks/Caroline) You've Come A Long Way, Baby
 98  The Rockafeller Skank (Astralwerks/Caroline) You've Come A Long Way, Baby
 99  Praise You (Skint/Astralwerks) You've Come A Long Way, Baby
 01  Weapon Of Choice (Skint/Astralwerks) Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars

 98  High (Elektra/EEG) Polythene

 00  All My Fault (Drive-Thru/MCA) Fenix TX
 00  Speechless (Drive-Thru/MCA) Fenix TX
 01  Phoebe Cates (Drive-Thru/MCA) Lechuza

 95  Hey Man, Nice Shot (Reprise) Short Bus
 95  Dose (Reprise) Short Bus
 96  Jurassitol (HWD) The Crow: City Of Angels Soundtrack
 97  * with CRYSTAL METHOD (Can't You) Trip Like I Do (Immortal/Epic)
 99  Welcome To The Fold (Reprise) Title Of Record
 99  Take A Picture (Reprise) Title Of Record
 00  The Best Things (Reprise) Title Of Record
 02  Where Do We Go From Here (Reprise) The Amalgamut
 02  American Cliche (Reprise) The Amalgamut

 91  Sunless Saturday (Columbia) The Reality Of My Surroundings
 91  Everyday Sunshine (Columbia) The Reality Of My Surroundings

 01  Easy Tonight (Aware/Columbia) America Town
 01  Superman (It's Not Easy) (Aware/Columbia) America Town

 <<  see 80s
 91  How Much Is Enough (MCA) Ink

 95  She Don't Use Jelly (Warner) Transmissions From The Satellite Heart

 01  Beautiful (Epic) Welcoming Home The Astronauts

 98  Got You (Where I Want You) (Delicious Vinyl/Trauma) Holiday Man
 99  She's So Huge (Delicious Vinyl/Trauma) Holiday Man
 00  Losin' It (Delicious Vinyl/Trauma) Outta My Way

FOO FIGHTERS 95 This Is A Call (Roswell/Capitol) Foo Fighters 95 I'll Stick Around (Roswell/Capitol) Foo Fighters 96 Big Me (Roswell/Capitol) Foo Fighters 96 Down In The Park (Warner Brothers) Songs In The Key Of X: Music From And Inspired By The X Files 96 Alone + Easy Target (Roswell/Capitol) Foo Fighters 97 Monkey Wrench (Roswell/Capitol) The Colour And The Shape 97 Everlong (Roswell/Capitol) The Colour And The Shape 98 Baker Street (unreleased exclusive) 98 My Hero (Roswell/Capitol) The Colour And The Shape 98 Walking After You (Roswell/Capitol/Fox/Elektra/EEG) The Colour And The Shape 99 Learn To Fly (Roswell/RCA) There Is Nothing Left To Lose 00 Stacked Actors (Roswell/RCA) There Is Nothing Left To Lose 00 Breakout (Roswell/RCA) There Is Nothing Left To Lose 00 Next Year (Roswell/RCA) There Is Nothing Left To Lose 01 The One (Columbia) Orange County Soundtrack 02 All My Life (RCA) One By One 03 Times Like These (RCA) One By One FOREST FOR THE TREES 97 Dream (Dreamworks/Geffen) Forest For The Trees FOR SQUIRRELS 96 Mighty K.C. (550 Music) Example FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE 99 Denise (Atlantic/AG) Utopia Parkway FREESTYLERS 99 Here We Go (Freakanova/Mammoth) We Rock Hard FRENTE! 94 Bizarre Love Triangle (Mammoth) Marvin The Album 94 Labour Of Love (Mammoth) Marvin The Album FUEL 98 Shimmer (550 Music) Sunburn 98 Bittersweet (550 Music) Sunburn 99 Jesus Or A Gun (550 Music) Sunburn 99 Sunburn (550 Music/Epic) Sunburn 00 Hemorrhage (In My Hands) (550 Music/Epic) Something Like Human 01 Innocent (Epic) Something Like Human 01 Bad Day (Epic) Something Like Human 01 Last Time (Epic) Something Like Human FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE 94 Every Generation Got Its Own Disease (RCA) Mono PETER GABRIEL << see 70s << see 80s 90 Shaking The Tree (Geffen) Shaking The Tree - Sixteen Golden Greats 92 Digging In The Dirt (Geffen) Us 92 Steam (Geffen) Us 93 Kiss That Frog (Geffen) Us 94 Lovetown (Epic) Philadelphia Soundtrack 94 Red Rain (Live) (Geffen) Secret World Live 01 When You're Falling * Afro-Celt featuring Peter Gabriel (Real World/Virgin) Vol. 3: Further In Time 02 The Barry Williams Show (Geffen/Interscope) Up 02 More Than This (Geffen/Interscope) Up GARBAGE 95 Vow (Almo Sounds/Geffen) Garbage 95 Queer (Almo Sounds/Geffen) Garbage 96 Only Happy When It Rains (Almo Sounds/Geffen) Garbage 96 Stupid Girl (Almo Sounds/Geffen) Garbage 96 #1 Crush (Capitol) Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack 98 Push It (Almo Sounds/Interscope) Garbage Version 2.0 98 I Think I'm Paranoid (Almo Sounds/Interscope) Garbage Version 2.0 98 Special (Almo Sounds/Geffen) Garbage Version 2.0 99 When I Grow Up (Almo Sounds/Interscope) Garbage Version 2.0 01 Androgyny (Almo Sounds/Interscope) Beautiful Garbage 02 Breaking Up The Girl (Almo Sounds/Interscope) Beautiful Garbage GIN BLOSSOMS 93 Mrs. Rita (A&M) New Miserable Experience 93 Hey Jealousy (A&M) New Miserable Experience 93 Found Out About You (A&M) New Miserable Experience 94 Until I Fall Away (A&M) New Miserable Experience 94 Allison Road (A&M) New Miserable Experience 95 Til I Hear It From You (A&M) Empire Records Soundtrack 96 Follow You Down (A&M) Congratulations I'm Sorry 96 Day Job (A&M) Congratulations I'm Sorry 96 As Long As It Matters (A&M) Congratulations I'm Sorry GIRLS AGAINST BOYS 98 Park Avenue (DGC) Freak*on*ica G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE 97 Stepping Stones (Okeh/Epic) Yeah, It's That Easy 99 Rodeo Clowns (Okeh/550 Music/Epic) Philadelphonic GOD LIVES UNDERWATER 95 No More Love (Sony) Empty 98 From Your Mouth (1500/A&M) Life In The So-Called Space Age GODSMACK 99 Whatever (Republic/Universal/UMG) Godsmack 99 Keep Away (Republic/Universal/UMG) Godsmack 00 Voodoo (Republic/Universal/UMG) Godsmack 00 Bad Religion (Republic/Universal/UMG) Godsmack 00 Awake (Republic/Universal/UMG) Awake 01 Greed (Republic/Universal) Awake 01 Magick (Republic/Universal) Awake 02 I Stand Alone (Republic/Universal) Scorpion King Soundtrack 03 Straight Out Of Line (Republic/Universal) Faceless GOLDFINGER 96 Here In Your Bedroom (Universal) Goldfinger 97 This Lonely Place (Mojo) Hang-Ups 02 Open Your Eyes (Mojo/Jive) Open Your Eyes GOOD CHARLOTTE 00 Little Things (Daylight/Epic) Good Charlotte 02 Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (Epic) The Young & The Hopeless 03 The Anthem (Epic) The Young & The Hopeless MATTHEW GOOD BAND 01 Hello Time Bomb (Atlantic/AG) GOO GOO DOLLS 91 There You Are (Metal Blade) Hold Me Up 93 We Are The Normal (Metal Blade) Superstar Car Wash 95 Only One (Metal Blade) A Boy Named Goo 95 Name (Metal Blade) A Boy Named Goo 96 Naked (Metal Blade) A Boy Named Goo 97 Lazy Eye (Warner Sunset/WB) 98 Iris (Warner Sunset/Reprise) Dizzy Up The Girl 98 Slide (Warner Brothers) Dizzy Up The Girl 99 Dizzy (Warner Brothers) Dizzy Up The Girl 99 Black Balloon (Warner Brothers) Dizzy Up The Girl 00 Broadway (Warner Brothers) Dizzy Up The Girl 02 Here Is Gone (Warner Brothers) Gutterflower 02 Big Machine (Warner Brothers) Gutterflower 03 Sympathy (Warner Brothers) Gutterflower GORILLAZ 01 Clint Eastwood (Virgin) Dizzy Gorillaz 02 19/2000 (Virgin) Dizzy Gorillaz GRANT LEE BUFFALO 94 Mockingbirds (Slash/Reprise) Mighty Joe Moon 98 Truly, Truly (Slash/WB) Jubilee GRAVITY KILLS 96 Guilty (TVT) Gravity Kills 96 Blame (TVT) Gravity Kills 96 Enough (TVT) Gravity Kills DAVID GRAY 00 Babylon (ATO/RCA) White Ladder 01 Please Forgive Me (ATO/RCA) White Ladder 01 Sail Away (ATO/RCA) White Ladder 02 The Other Side (ATO/RCA) A New Day At Midnight 03 Be Mine (ATO/RCA) A New Day At Midnight MACY GRAY 99 Do Something (Clean Slate/Epic) On How Life Is 99 I Try (Clean Slate/Epic) On How Life Is 99 Why Didn't You Call Me (Clean Slate/Epic) On How Life Is 03 When I See You (Epic) The Trouble With Being Myself GREEN DAY 94 Longview (Reprise) Dookie 94 Basket Case (Reprise) Dookie 94 Tired Of Waiting For You (Reprise) b-side of Basket Case 94 Welcome To Paradise (Reprise) Dookie 95 When I Come Around (Reprise) Dookie 95 She (Reprise) Dookie 95 J.A.R. (Reprise) Angus Soundtrack 95 Geek Stink Breath (Reprise) Insomniac 96 Brain Stew/Jaded (Reprise) Insomniac 96 Walking Contradiction (Reprise) Insomniac 97 Hitchin' A Ride (Reprise) Nimrod 98 Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) (Reprise) Nimrod 98 Redundant (Reprise) Nimrod 98 Nice Guys Finish Last (Reprise) Nimrod 00 Minority (Reprise) Warning 01 Warning (Reprise) Warning 01 Waiting (Reprise) Warning 02 Maria (Reprise) International Superhits GUSTER 98 Airport Song (Hybrid/Sire/SRG) Godfly 00 Fa Fa (Never Be The Same Again) (Hybrid/Sire/SRG) Lost And Gone Forever