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Handsome Devil, Ben Harper, Harvey Danger, P.J. Harvey, Juliana Hatfield, (Hed)PE, Helmet, Hives, Hole, Hoobastank, Hootie & The Blowfsh, Hum, Billy Idol, Incubus, Indigo Girls, Insane Clown Posse, INXS, Chris Isaak, James, Jamiroquai, Janes Addiction, Jesus And Mary Chain, Jesus Jones, Jewel, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Jimmy Eat World, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Josh Joplin Group, K's Choice, Kid Rock, Killing Joke, KMFDM, Korn, Lenny Kravitz, Kroeger & Scott


 01  Makin' Money (Dirty Martini/RCA) Love And Kisses From The Underground

 90  Step On (Elektra) Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches
 90  Kinky Afro (Elektra) Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches
 91  Bob's Yer Uncle (Elektra) Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches
 92  Stinkin Thinkin (Elektra) Yes, Please

 97  (Virgin) The Will To Live
 99  Steal My Kisses (Virgin) Burn To Shine
 03  With My Own Two Hands (Virgin) Diamonds On The Inside

 98  Flagpole Sitta (Slash/London) Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone
 99  Save It For Later (Mercury) 200 Cigarettes Soundtrack
 00  Sad Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (London-Sire/SRG)

 92  Sheela-Na-Gig (Indigo) Dry
 95  Down By The Water (Island) To Bring You My Love
 95  Send His Love To Me (Island) To Bring You My Love
 98  A Perfect Day Elise (Island) Is This Desire?
 00  (Island/IDMJG) Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea

 93  My Sister (Atlantic) Become What You Are
 95  Universal Heart-beat (Mammoth) Only Everything

 91  Reach The Rock (I.R.S.) Havannah 3AM
 91  Surf In The City (I.R.S.) Havannah 3AM

 00  Bartender (Jive/Volcano) Broke
 01  The Meadow (Jive/Volcano) Broke
 03  Blackout (Jive/Volcano) Blackout

 91  Born Annoying (Interscope) Strap It On
 92  Unsung (Interscope) Meantime
 93  Just Another Victim * with HOUSE OF PAIN (Sony) Judgment Night Soundtrack
 94  Biscuits For Smut (Interscope) Betty
 99  I See The Sun (Capitol) Tommy Henriksen 

 93  Kyte (Epic) From Monday To Sunday

 <<  see 80s
 91  So You Think You're In Love (A&M) Perspex Island
 91  Oceanside (A&M) Perspex Island
 92  Unbelievable Love (A&M) Perspex Island
 93  Driving Aloud (Radio Storm) (A&M) Respect

 02  Hate To Say I Told You So (Epitaph) Veni, Vidi, Vicious

 94  Miss World (DGC) Live Through This
 94  Doll Parts (DGC) Live Through This
 95  Violet (DGC) Live Through This
 95  Asking For It (DGC) Live Through This
 95  Softer, Softest (DGC) Live Through This
 96  Gold Dust Woman (Hollywood) The Crow: City Of Angels Soundtrack
 98  Celebrity Skin (DGC) Celebrity Skin
 99  Malibu (DGC) Celebrity Skin
 99  Awful (DGC) Celebrity Skin

 01  Crawling In The Dark (Island/IDJMG) Hoobastank
 02  Running Away (Island/IDJMG) Hoobastank
 02  Remember Me (Island/IDJMG) Hoobastank

 94  Hannah Jane (Atlantic) Cracked Rear View
 94  Hold My Hand (Atlantic) Cracked Rear View
 95  Let Her Cry (Atlantic) Cracked Rear View
 95  Only Wanna Be With You (Atlantic) Cracked Rear View
 95  I Go Blind * bonus track on Japanese import (Atlantic) Cracked Rear View
 95  Hey Hey What Can I Do (Atlantic) Encomium: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin compilation
 96  Old Man And Me (Atlantic) Fairweather Johnson
 96  Be The One (Atlantic) Fairweather Johnson
 96  Tucker's Town (Atlantic) Fairweather Johnson
 98  (Atlantic) Musical Chairs
 00  (Atlantic) Scattered, Smothered And Covered

 <<  see 80s
 90  Give It Up (London) Home
 93  Thing Of Beauty (London) Songs From The Rain

 <<  see 80s
 90  I Don't Know Why I Love You (Fontana) The House Of Love
 91  Marble (Fontana) A Spy In The House Of Love
 92  You Don't Understand (Fontana) Babe Rainbow

 98  Wait (Interscope)

 95  Stars (RCA) You'd Prefer An Astronaut
 98  Comin' Home (RCA) Downward Is Heavenward


 <<  see 80s
 90  Cradle Of Love (Chrysalis) Charmed Life
 90  L.A. Woman (Chrysalis) Charmed Life
 90  Prodigal Blues (Chrysalis) Charmed Life
 93  Shock To The System (Chrysalis) Cyber Punk
 94  Speed (Arista) Speed Soundtrack

 98  Torn (RCA) Left Of The Middle
 98  Wishing I Was There (RCA) Left Of The Middle

 99  Pardon Me (Immortal/Epic) Make Yourself
 00  Stellar (Immortal/Epic) Make Yourself
 01  Drive (Immortal/Epic) Make Yourself
 01  I Wish You Were Here (Immortal/Epic) Morning View
 01  Nice To Know You (Immortal/Epic) Morning View
 02  Warning (Immortal/Epic) Morning View
 02  Are You In (Immortal/Epic) Morning View 

INDIGO GIRLS << see 80s 90 Hammer And A Nail (Epic) Nomads-Indians-Saints 90 Watershed (Epic) Nomads-Indians-Saints 91 Uncle John's Band (Arista) Deadicated Grateful Dead tribute 92 Galileo (Epic) Rites Of Passage 94 Least Complicated (Epic) Swamp Ophelia 97 Shame On You (Epic) Shaming Of The Sun 99 Trouble (Epic) Come On Now Social 01 Moment Of Forgiveness (Epic) Become You 02 Become You (Epic) Become You INSANE CLOWN POSSE 97 (Hollywood) The Great Milenko 99 (Island/DMG)Amazing Jeckel Brothers INSPIRAL CARPETS 90 Commercial Rain (Mute/Elektra) Life 91 This Is How It Feels (Mute/Elektra) Life 91 Caravan (Mute/Elektra) The Beast Inside 92 Two Worlds Collide (Mute/Elektra) Revenge Of The Goldfish INXS << see 80s 90 Suicide Blonde (Atlantic) X 90 Disappear (Atlantic) X 91 Bitter Tears (Atlantic) X 91 Shining Star (Atlantic) Live Baby Live 92 Heaven Sent (Atlantic) Welcome To Wherever You Are 92 Not Enough Time (Atlantic) Welcome To Wherever You Are 92 Taste It (Atlantic) Welcome To Wherever You Are 93 Beautiful Girl (Atlantic) Welcome To Wherever You Are 93 The Gift (Atlantic) Fool Moon, Dirty Hearts 93 Time (Atlantic) Fool Moon, Dirty Hearts 97 Elegantly Wasted (Mercury/PLG) Elegantly Wasted CHRIS ISAAK << see 80s 91 Wicked Game (Reprise) Heart Shaped World 91 Don't Make Me Dream About You (Reprise) Heart Shaped World 93 Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me) (Reprise) San Francisco Days 93 San Francsico Days (Reprise) San Francisco Days 95 Somebody's Crying (Reprise) Forever Blue 98 Please (Reprise) Speak Of The Devil 02 Let Me Down Easy (Reprise) Always Got Tonight 02 One Day (Reprise) Always Got Tonight JOE JACKSON >> see 70s >> see 80s 91 Obvious Song (Virgin) Laughter & Lust 91 Oh Well (Virgin) Laughter & Lust JAMES 91 Sit Down (Fontana) James 92 Born Of Frustration (Fontana) Seven theme song for Westin Hotels and Resorts in the early 00s. 92 Seven (Fontana) Seven 93 Laid (Fontana) Laid 94 Say Something (Fontana) Laid 97 (Fontana/Mercury) Whiplash JAMIROQUAI 97 (Work) Traveling Without Moving 99 (Work/550 Music) Synchronized JANE'S ADDICTION << see 80s 90 Stop! (Warner Brothers) Ritual De Lo Habitual 90 Been Caught Stealing (Warner Brothers) Ritual De Lo Habitual 91 Classic Girl (Warner Brothers) Ritual De Lo Habitual 91 Ripple (Arista) Deadicated compilation 97 So What (Warner Brothers) Kettle Whistle JARS OF CLAY 96 Flood (Essential/Silvertone) Jars Of Clay 97 Crazy Times (Essential/Silvertone) Much Afraid JAYHAWKS 92 Waiting For Yhe Sun (Def American) Hollywood Town Hall 97 (American/Reprise) Sound Of Lies JELLYFISH 90 The King Is Half-Undressed (Charisma) Bellybutton 90 That Is Why (Charisma) Bellybutton 92 No Matter What (Charisma) single 93 The Ghost At Number One (Charisma) Spilt Milk JESUS & MARY CHAIN << see 80s 90 Head On (Warner) Automatic 92 Sugar Ray (Def American) Honey's Dead 92 Far Gone And Out (Def American) Honey's Dead 92 Almost Gold (Def American) Honey's Dead 94 Sometimes Always * with HOPE SANDOVAL of MAZZY STAR (American) Stoned And Dethroned JESUS JONES 91 Right Here, Right Now (SBK) Doubt 91 International Bright Young Thing (SBK) Doubt 91 Real, Real, Real (SBK) Doubt 91 Welcome Back Victoria (SBK) Doubt 93 The Devil You Know (Food/SBK) Perverse 93 The Right Decision (Food/SBK) Perverse 93 Zeroes And Ones (Food/SBK) Perverse JEWEL 96 Who Will Save Your Soul (Atlantic/AG) Pieces Of You 97 You Were Meant For Me (Atlantic/AG) Pieces Of You 98 Hands (Atlantic/AG) Spirit 99 Down So Long (Atlantic/AG) Spirit 01 Standing Still (Atlantic/AG) This Way JIMMIE'S CHICKEN SHACK 97 Dropping Anchor (A&M) Pushing The Salmanilla Envelope 97 High (A&M) Pushing The Salmanilla Envelope 99 Do Right (Rocket/Island/IDJMG) Bring Your Own Stereo 00 Trash (Rocket/Island/IDJMG) Bring Your Own Stereo JIMMY EAT WORLD 01 Bleed American (DreamWorks) Jimmy Eat World 01 The Middle (DreamWorks) Jimmy Eat World 02 Sweetness (American/Columbia) Jimmy Eat World 02 A Praise Chorus (DreamWorks) Jimmy Eat World JACK JOHNSON 02 Flake (Universal) Brushfire Fairytales 02 Bubble Toes (Universal) Brushfire Fairytales 03 The Horizon Has Been Defeated (Universal) On And On FREEDY JOHNSTON 94 Bad Reputation (Elektra) This Perfect World NORAH JONES 02 Don't Know Why (Blue/Virgin) Come Away With Me 02 Come Away With Me (Blue/Virgin) Come Away With Me JOSH JOPLIN GROUP 01 Camera One (Artemis) Useful Music JOYDROP 99 Beautiful (Bat Cave/Tommy Boy) Metasexual 01 Spiders (Bat Cave/Tommy Boy) Viberate JUDE 99 Rick James (Maverick/Reprise) No One's Really Beautiful JUDYBATS 91 Native Son (Sire) Native Son 92 Saturday (SIRE) Down In The Shacks Where The Satellite Dishes Grow 93 Being Simple (Sire) Pain Makes You Beautiful K'S CHOICE 97 Not An Addict (Sony 550 Music) Paradise In Me 97 A Sound Only You Can Hear (550 Music) Paradise In Me 98 Everything For Free (550 Music) Cocoon Crash KHALEEL 99 No Mercy (Hollywood) People Watching KID ROCK 99 Bawitdaba (Lava/Atlantic/AG) Devil Without A Cause 99 Cowboy (Top Dog/Lava/Atlantic/AG) Devil Without A Cause 00 Only God Knows Why (Top Dog/Lava/Atlantic/AG) Devil Without A Cause 00 American Bad Ass (Top Dog/Lava/Atlantic/AG) The History Of Rock 00 Wasting Time (Top Dog/Lava/Atlantic/AG) The History Of Rock 01 Forever (Top Dog/Lava/Atlantic/AG) Cocky 02 Lonely Road of Faith (Top Dog/Lava/Atlantic/AG) Cocky KILLING JOKE << see 80s 94 Pandemonium (Volcano) Millennium 96 Democracy (Volcano) Democracy THE KLF 92 Justified & Ancient * with TAMMY WYNETTE (Arista) The White Room/Justified & Ancient 92 3am Eternal (Arista) The White Room/Justified & Ancient KMFDM 92 Vogue (TVT) Money 93 Light (TVT) Angst 93 Drug Against War (TVT) Angst 95 Juke Joint Jezebel (TVT) Nihil 96 Power (TVT) Xtort 97 Megalomaniac (TVT) 99 Adios (TVT) Adios KING MISSILE 93 Detachable Penis (Atlantic) Happy Hour KORN 94 Blind (Immortal/Epic) Korn 95 Shoots And Ladders (Immortal/Epic) Korn 96 No Place To Hide (Immortal/Epic) Life Is Peachy 96 A.D.I.D.A.S. (Immortal/Epic) Life Is Peachy 98 Got The Life (Immortal/Epic) Follow The Leader 99 Freak On A Leash (Immortal/Epic) Follow The Leader 99 Falling Away From Me (Immortal/epic) Issues 00 Make Me Bad (Immortal/Epic) Issues 00 Somebody Someone (Immortal/Epic) Issues 02 Here To Stay (Immortal/Epic) Untouchables release: 6/11/02 02 Thoughtless (Immortal/Epic) Untouchables 02 Alone I Break (Immortal/Epic) Untouchables KOTTONMOUTH KINGS 99 Bump (Suburban Noize/Capitol) Royal Highness 02 Positive Vibes (Suburban Noize/Capitol) Rollin Stoned 02 Endless Highway (Suburban Noize/Capitol) Rollin Stoned LENNY KRAVITZ 90 Let Love Rule (Virgin) Let Love Rule 90 Mr. Cab Driver (Virgin) Let Love Rule 90 Build This Garden For Us (Virgin) Let Love Rule 91 Always On The Run (Virgin) Mama Said 91 It Ain't Over Til It's Over (Virgin) Mama Said 93 Are You Gonna Go My Way (Virgin) Are You Gonna Go My Way 93 Believe (Virgin) Are You Gonna Go My Way 98 If You Can't Say No (Virgin) 5 98 Fly Away (Virgin) 5 99 American Woman (Virgin/Maverick) Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack 00 Again (Virgin) Greatest Hits 01 Dig In (Virgin) Lenny 02 Stillness of Heart (Virgin) Lenny CHAD KROEGER FEATURING JOSEY SCOTT 02 Hero (Columbia/Roadrunner/IDJMG) Spider-Man Soundtrack KULA SHAKER 97 Hey Dude (Columbia) K