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L7, La's, Ben Lee, Lemonheads, Len, Annie Lennox, Less Than Jake, Letters To Cleo, Aaron Lewis, Lifehouse, Life Of Agony, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Lit, Live, Living Colour, Living End, Local H, Lisa Loeb, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Love Spit Love, Lucky Boys Confusion, Baz Luhrmann, Luscious Jackson


 92  Pretend We're Dead (Slash) Bricks Are Heavy
 94  Andres (Slash/Reprise) Hungry For Stink

 91  There She Goes (London) The La's
 91  Timeless Melody (London) The La's

 99  Nothing Much Happens (Grand Royal/Capitol) Breathing Tornados

 92  It's A Shame About Ray (Atlantic) It's A Shame About Ray
 92  Mrs. Robinson (Atlantic) It's A Shame About Ray
 93  Into Your Arms (Atlantic) Come On Feel The Lemonheads
 94  The Great Big No (Atlantic) Come On Feel The Lemonheads
 96  If I Could Talk I'd Tell You (Atlantic) Car Button Cloth

 99  Steal My Sunshine (Work/550 Music) You Can't Stop The Bum Rush

 92  Why (Arista) Diva
 92  Walking On Broken Glass (Arista) Diva
 93  Love Song For A Vampire (Columbia) Bram Stoker's Dracula Soundtrack

 97  Dopeman (Capitol) Losing Streak

 95  Here & Now (CherryDisc) Arora Gory Alice
 95  Awake (Giant) Wholesome Meats And Fish
 96  Dangerous Type (Sony) Craft Soundtrack
 97  Anchor (Revolution) Go
 98  Veda Very Shining (Revolution) Go

 01  Outside (Flawless/Geffen/Interscope)

 00  Hanging By A Moment (Dreamworks) No Name Face
 01  Sick Cycle Carousel (Dreamworks) No Name Face

 97  Weeds (Roadrunner) Soul Searching Sun

 90  Pure (MCA) Cloudcuckooland
 90  All I Want (MCA) Cloudcuckooland
 92  The Life Of Riley (MCA) Sense
 94  Lucky You (Trauma) Jollification

 99  Faith (Flip/Interscope) Three Dollar Bill, Y'all
 99  Nookie (Flip/Interscope) Significant Other 
 99  Re-Arranged (Flip/Interscope) Significant Other 
 00  Crushed (Geffen/Interscope)  
 00  Break Stuff (Flip/Interscope) Significant Other 
 00  Take A Look Around (Hollywood) Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water
 00  My Generation (Flip/Interscope) Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water
 00  Rollin' (Flip/Interscope) Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water
 01  My Way (Flip/Interscope) Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water

 00  One Step Closer (Warner Brothers) Hybrid Theory
 01  Crawling (Warner Brothers) Hybrid Theory
 01  In The End (Warner Brothers) Hybrid Theory
 02  Papercut (Warner Brothers) Hybrid Theory
 02  My December (Warner Brothers) Hybrid Theory import
 02  Points Of Authority (Warner Brothers) Hybrid Theory
 03  Somewhere I Belong (Warner Brothers) Meteora

LIT 99 My Own Worst Enemy (RCA) A Place In The Sun 99 Zip Lock (RCA) A Place In The Sun 00 Miserable (RCA) A Place In The Sun 00 Over My Head (Lava/Capitol) Titan A.E. Soundtrack 01 Lipstick And Bruises (RCA) Atomic 01 Addicted (RCA) Atomic LIVE 92 Operation Spirit (Radioactive) Mental Jewelry 92 Pain Lies On The Riverside (Radioactive) Mental Jewelry 92 The Beauty Of Grey (Radioactive) Mental Jewelry 92 10,000 Years (Peace Is Now) Mental Jewelry 94 Selling The Drama (Radioactive) Throwing Copper 94 I Alone (Radioactive) Throwing Copper 95 Lightning Crashes (Radioactive) Throwing Copper 95 All Over You (Radioactive) Throwing Copper 95 White, Discussion (Radioactive) Throwing Copper 97 Lakini's Juice (Radioactive) Secret Sumahdi 97 Freaks (Radioactive) Secret Sumahdi 97 Turn My Head (Radioactive) Secret Sumahdi 97 Rattlesnake (Radioactive) Secret Sumahdi 99 the Dolphin's Cry (Radioactive) The Distance To Here 00 Run To The Water (Radioactive) The Distance To Here 00 They Stood Up For Love (MCA) The Distance To Here 01 Simple Creed (Radioactive/MCA) V 01 Overcome (Radioactive/MCA) V LIVING COLOUR << see 80s 90 Type (Epic) Time's Up 90 Elvis Is Dead (Epic) Time's Up 91 Love Rears Its Ugly Head (Epic) Time's Up 91 Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothing (Epic) Biscuits 93 Leave It Alone (Epic) Stain 93 Nothingness (Epic) Stain THE LIVING END 99 Prisoner Of Society (Reprise) Living End 01 Roll On (Reprise) Roll On LISA LOEB 94 Stay (I Missed You) * & NINE STORIES (Geffen) Tails, also Reality Bites Soundtrack (RCA) 95 Do You Sleep (Geffen) Tails 98 I Do (Geffen) Firecracker 02 Someone You Should Know (Geffen/Interscope) Cake & Pie LOCAL H 96 Bound For The Floor (Island) As Good As Dead 97 Eddie Vedder (Island) As Good As Dead 98 All Right (Island) Pack Up The Cats 98 All The Kids Are Alright (Island) Pack Up The Cats 02 Half Life (Palm) Here Comes The Zoo release: 3/5/02 LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS 99 Battleflag (Skint/Subpop/Columbia) How To Operate With A Blown Mind LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS 01 Sunny Hours (DreamWorks) Wonders Of The World LONGPIGS 97 On And On (Mother/Island) The Sun Is Often Out LOS LOBOS 99 (Hollywood) This Time 02 Hearts Of Stone (Mammoth) Good Morning Aztlan LOVE AND ROCKETS << see 80s 96 Sweet Lover Hangover (American Recordings) Sweet F.A. LOVE SPIT LOVE 94 Am I Wrong (Imago) Love Split Love 94 Change In The Weather (Imago) Love Split Love 96 How Soon Is Now (Sony) Craft Soundtrack 97 Long Long Time (Maverick/WB) LUCKY BOYS CONFUSION 01 Fred Astaire (Elektra/EEG) Throwing The Game BAZ LUHRMANN 99 Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)(Capitol) Something For Everyone LUNA 97 Ihop (Elektra/EEG) Pup Tent LUSCIOUS JACKSON 94 Citysong (Grand Royal) Natural Ingredients 97 Under Your Skin (Grand Royal/Capitol) Fever In, Fever Out 99 Ladyfingers (Grand Royal/Capitol) Electric Honey LUSH 90 Sweetness And Light (4 AD) Gala 91 De-Luxe (4 AD) Gala 91 Nothing Natural (4 AD) Spooky 92 For Love (4 AD) Spooky