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Kirsty MacColl, Machines Of Loving Grace, Mad Season, Magnificent Bastards, Mansun, Marcy Playground, Bob Marley, Marvelous 3, Marylin Manson, Matchbox Twenty, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Mazzy Star, Sarah McLachlan, Meat Puppets, John Mellencamp, Natalie Merchant, Metallica, Midnight Oil, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ministry, Mission U.K., Moby, Monaco, Monster Magnet, Abra Moore, Alanis Morissette, Morphine, Morrissey, Shawn Mullins, Peter Murphy, Nada Surf, Dave Navarro, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Mike Ness, Neve, New Found Glory, New Order, Nickelback, Nine Days, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Nitzer Ebb, Nixons, No Doubt


 91  Walking Down Madison (Charisma) Electric Landlady

 93  Butterfly Wings (Mammoth) Concentration

 95  River Of Deceit (Columbia) Above
 95  I Don't Know Anything (Columbia) Above

 95  Mockingbird Girl (Elektra) Tank Girl Soundtrack


 97  Wide Open Spaces (Epic) Attack Of The Grey Lantern

 97  Sex And Candy (Mammoth/Capitol) Marcy Playground
 98  Saint Joe On The School Bus (Capitol) Marcy Playground
 99  It's Saturday (Capitol) Shape Shifter

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 92  Iron Lion Zion (Tuff Gong) issue of 74 recording
 99  Freak Of The Weak (Hi Fi/Elektra/EEG) Readysexgo!

 94  Lunchbox (Uni/Interscope) Portrait Of An American Family
 96  Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Uni/Interscope) Smells Like Children
 96  Beautiful People (Nothing/Interscope) Anti-Christ Superstar
 98  The Dope Show (Nothing/Interscope) Mechanical Animals
 99  I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) (Nothing/Interscope) Mechanical Animals
 00  Disposable Teens (Nothing/Interscope) Holy Wood
 01  Tainted Love (Maverick) Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack  

 MATCHBOX TWENTY (* spelled Matchbox 20)
 96  Long Day (Lava/Atlantic/AG) * Yourself Or Something Like You
 97  Push (Lava/Atlantic/AG) * Yourself Or Something Like You
 97  3am (Lava/Atlantic/AG) * Yourself Or Something Like You
 98  Real World (Lava/Atlantic/AG) * Yourself Or Something Like You
 98  Back To Good (Lava/Atlantic/AG) * Yourself Or Something Like You
 00  Bent (Lava/Atlantic/AG) Mad Season
 00  If You're Gone (Lava/Atlantic/AG) Mad Season
 00  Crutch (Lava/Atlantic/AG) Mad Season
 01  Mad Season (Lava/Atlantic/AG) Mad Season
 02  Disease (Lava/Atlantic/AG) More Than You Think You Are

 95  What Would You Say (RCA) Under The Table And Dreaming
 95  Ants Marching (RCA) Under The Table And Dreaming
 95  Jimi Thing (RCA) Under The Table And Dreaming
 96  Satellite (RCA) Under The Table And Dreaming
 96  Too Much (RCA) Crash
 96  So Much To Say (RCA) Crash
 97  Crash Into Me (RCA) Crash
 97  Tripping Billies (RCA) Crash
 97  (Bamarags/RCA) Live At Red Rocks 8.15.95
 98  Don't Drink The Water (RCA) Before These Crowded Streets
 98  Stay (Wasting Time) (RCA) Before These Crowded Streets
 98  Crush (RCA) Before These Crowded Streets
 99  (Bamarags/RCA)Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds: Live At Luther College
 00  (Bamarags/RCA) Listener Supported
 01  I Did It (RCA) Everyday
 01  The Space Between (RCA) Everyday
 01  Everyday (RCA) Everyday
 02  Where Are You Going (RCA) Busted Stuff
 02  Grace Is Gone (RCA) Busted Stuff

 01  No Such Thing (Aware/Columbia) Room For Squares
 02  Your Body Is A Wonderland (Aware/Columbia) Room For Squares

 93  Fade Into You (Capitol) So Tonight That I Might See You
 95  Holah (Capitol) reissue of 90 release She Shines Brightly
 96  Flowers In December (Capitol) Among My Swan

 92  Honeydrip (East West) Mysterio
 92  Lover Lover Lover (East West) Mysterio

 98  The Mummer's Dance (Quinlan Road/WB) The Book Of Secrets

 92  Into The Fire (Arista) Solace
 94  Possession (Arista) Fumbling Towards Ecstacy
 94  Good Enough (Arista) Fumbling Towards Ecstacy
 95  Hold On (Arista) Fumbling Towards Ecstacy
 96  Dear God (Thirsty Ear) XTC Tribute compilation
 97  Building A Mystery (Nettwerk/Arista) Surfacing
 97  Sweet Surrender (Nettwerk/Arista) Surfacing
 99  (Nettwerk/Arista) Mirrorball

 91  Sam (London) Forbidden Places
 94  Backwater (London) Too High To Die
 94  We Don't Exist (London) Too High To Die

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 91  Get A Leg Up (Mercury) Whenever We Wanted
 93  Human Wheels (Mercury) Human Wheels
 94  Wild Night (Mercury) Dance Naked
 94  Dance Naked *(Mercury) Dance Naked
 96  Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) (Mercury) Mr. Happy Go Lucky
 96  Just Another Day (Mercury) Mr. Happy Go Lucky
 98  I'm Not Running Anymore (Mercury) John Mellencamp
 99  Love And Happiness (Mercury) Rough Harvest
 00  Skin It Back (Mercury) Box Set
 01  Peaceful World (Columbia) Cuttin' Heads

 93  Photograph * with R.E.M. (Rykodisc) Born To Choose compilation
 95  Carnival (Elektra) Tigerlily
 96  Wonder (Elektra) Tigerlily
 96  Sympathy For The Devil (Elektra) b-side
 96  Jealousy (Elektra) Tigerlily
 98  Kind And Generous (Elektra/EEG) Ophelia
 01  Just Can't Last (Elektra/EEG) Motherland
 02  Build A Levee (Elektra/EEG) Motherland

 <<  see 80s
 91  Enter Sandman (Elektra) Metallica
 91  The Unforgiven (Elektra) Metallica
 92  Nothing Else Matters (Elektra) Metallica
 92  Wherever I May Roam (Elektra) Metallica
 93  Sad But True (Elektra) Metallica
 96  Until It Sleeps (Elektra/EEG) Load
 96  Hero Of The Day (Elektra/EEG) Load
 97  Ain't My Bitch (Elektra/EEG) Load
 97  King Nothing (Elektra/EEG) Load
 97  Bleeding Of Me (Elektra/EEG) Load
 98  The Unforgiven II (Elektra/EEG) Re-load
 98  The Memory Remains (Elektra/EEG) Re-load
 98  Turn The Page (Elektra/EEG) Garage Inc.
 00  No Leaf Clover (Elektra/EEG) S&M
 00  I Disappear (Hollywood) Mission: Impossible 2 Soundtrack


MIDNIGHT OIL << see 80s 90 Blue Sky Mine (Columbia) Blue Sky Mining 90 Forgotten Years (Columbia) Blue Sky Mining 90 King Of The Mountain (Columbia) Blue Sky Mining 93 Truganini (Columbia) Earth And Sun And Moon 93 Drums Of Heaven (Columbia) Earth And Sun And Moon 96 Underwater (Columbia) Breathe 02 The Golden Age (Liquid 8/BMG) Capricornia MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES 93 Someday I Suppose (Mercury) 97 The Impression That I Get (Big Rig/Mercury) Let's Face It 97 The Rascal King (Big Rig/Mercury) Let's Face It 98 Royal Oil (Big Rig/Mercury) Let's Face It 00 So Sad To Say (Big Rig/IDJMG) MINISTRY << see 80s 91 Jesus Built My Hotrod (Sire) Psalm 69 92 N.W.O. (Sire) Psalm 69 92 Just One Fix (Sire) Psalm 69 92 Quick Fix * with WILLIAM BURROUGHS (Sire) B-side of Just One Fix 96 Lay Lady Lay (Sire) Filth Pig 96 Brick Windows (Sire) Filth Pig 99 Dark Side Of The Spoon (Warner Brothers) Dark Side Of The Spoon MISSION U.K. 90 Deliverance (Mercury) Carved In Sand 90 Butterfly On A Wheel (Mercury) Carved In Sand 91 Hands Across The Ocean (Mercury) Grains Of Sand MOBY 92 Go (Instinct) Moby 95 Everything Is Wrong (Elektra) Everything Is Wrong 96 Dead Sun (Elektra) Animal Rights 97 James Bond Theme (Elektra) I Like To Score 99 Bodyrock (V2) Play 00 Natural Blues (V2) Play 00 Porcelain (V2) Play 00 South Side * with GWEN STEFANI (V2) Play 02 We Are All Made Of Stars (V2) 18 02 Extreme Ways (V2) 18 MONACO 97 What Do You Want From Me (Polygram/A&M) Music For Pleasure MONO 98 Life In Mono (Echo/Mercury) Formica Blues MONSTER MAGNET 95 Negasonic Teenage Warhead (A&M) Dopes To Infinity 95 Look To The Orb For The Warning (A&M) Dopes To Infinity 98 Space Lord (A&M) Powertrip MOODSWINGS 92 State Of Independence (Spiritual High) (Arista) Moos Food ABRA MOORE 97 Four Leaf Clover (Arista/Austin) Strangest Places ALANIS MORISSETTE 95 You Oughta Know (Maverick/Reprise) Jagged Little Pill 95 Hand In My Pocket (Maverick/Reprise) Jagged Little Pill 95 All I Really Want (Maverick/Reprise) Jagged Little Pill 96 Ironic (Maverick/Reprise) Jagged Little Pill 96 Head Over Feet (Maverick/Reprise) Jagged Little Pill 96 You Learn (Maverick/Reprise) Jagged Little Pill 98 Uninvited (Warner Sunset/Reprise) 98 Thank U (Maverick/Reprise) Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie 99 Joining You (Maverick/Reprise) Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie 02 Hands Clean (Maverick/Reprise) Under Rug Swept 02 Precious Illusion (Maverick/Reprise) Under Rug Swept MORPHINE 92 Cure For Pain (Rykodisc) Cure For Pain 97 Early To Bed (Dreamworks/Rykodisc) Like Swimming MORRISSEY << see 80s 90 Oulja Board, Oulja Board (Sire/Reprise) Bona Drag 90 November Spawned A Monster (Sire/Reprise) Bona Drag 90 Piccadilly Palare (Sire/Reprise) Bona Drag 91 Our Frank (Sire/Reprise) Kill Uncle 91 Sing Your Life (Sire/Reprise) Kill Uncle 92 We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successul (Sire/Reprise) Your Arsenal 92 Tomorrow (Sire/Reprise) Your Arsenal 92 Glamorous Glue (Sire/Reprise) Your Arsenal 94 The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get (Sire/Reprise) Vauxhall And I SHAWN MULLINS 98 Lullaby (Sony) Soul's Core PETER MURPHY << see 80s 90 Cuts You Up (Beggars Banquet) Deep 90 A Strange Kind Of Love (Beggars Banquet) Deep 92 The Sweetest Drop (Beggars Banquet) Holy Smoke 92 You're So Close (Beggars Banquet) Holy Smoke 95 The Scarlet Thing In You (Beggars Banquet) A Retrospective MUSE 99 Muscle Museum (Taste Media/Maverick/WB) Showbiz MY FRIEND STEVE 99 Charmed (Mammoth) Hope & Wait MXPX 00 Responsibility (A&M/Interscope) Ever Passing Moment NADA SURF 96 Popular (Elektra) High/Low NAKED 98 Raining On The Sky (Red Ant) DAVE NAVARRO 01 Rexall (Capitol) Trust No One 01 Hungry (Capitol) Trust No One NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN 91 Happy (Columbia) God Fodder 91 Grey Cell Green (Columbia) God Fodder 91 Kill Your Television (Columbia) God Fodder 92 Not Sleeping Around (Chaos) Are You Normal? 93 Walking Through Syrup (Chaos) Are You Normal? 93 Saturday Night (Chaos) So I Married An Axe Murderer Soundtrack MIKE NESS 99 Don't Think Twice (Time Bomb) Cheating At Solitaire NEVE 99 It's Over Now (Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax) Neve NEW FOUND GLORY 01 Hit Or Miss (Waited Too Long)(Drive Thru/MCA) A New Found Glory 02 My Friends Over You (MCA) Sticks & Stones 02 Head On Collision (MCA) Sticks & Stones NEW ORDER << see 80s 90 World In Motion (Qwest/WB) 93 Regret (Qwest/WB) Republic 93 Ruined In A Day (Qwest/WB) Republic 93 World (The Price Of Love) (Qwest/WB) Republic 01 Crystal (Reprise) Get Ready NEW RADICALS 98 You Get What You Give (MCA) Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too NICKELBACK 00 Leader Of Man (Roadrunner) State 00 Breathe (Roadrunner) State 01 How You Remind Me (Roadrunner) Silver Side Up 01 Too Bad (Roadrunner) Silver Side Up 02 Never Again (Roadrunner) Silver Side Up NINE DAYS 00 Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) (550 Music/Epic) The Madding Crown NINE INCH NAILS 90 Down In It (TVT) Pretty Hate Machine 90 Head Like A Hole (TVT) Pretty Hate Machine 90 Sin (TVT) Pretty Hate Machine 92 Happiness In Slavery (Nothing/TVT) Broken 93 Wish (Nothing/TVT) Broken 94 March Of The Pigs (Nothing/TVT) The Downward Spiral 94 Closer (Nothing/TVT) The Downward Spiral 94 Dead Souls (Atlantic) The Crow Soundtrack 95 Piggy (Nothing/TVT) The Downward Spiral 95 Hurt (Nothing/TVT) The Downward Spiral 97 The Perfect Drug (Nothing/Interscope) Lost Highway Soundtrack 99 (Nothing/Intersope) The Day The World Went Away EP 99 We're In This Together (Nothing/Interscope) The Fragile 00 Into The Void (Nothing/Interscope) The Fragile 01 Deep (Elektra/EEG) NIRVANA << see 80s 91 Smells Like Teen Spirit (DGC) Nevermind 92 Come As You Are (DGC) Nevermind 92 On A Plain (DGC) Nevermind 92 Lithium (DGC) Nevermind 92 In Bloom (DGC) Nevermind 93 Sliver (DGC) Incesticide 93 Heart-Shaped Box (DGC) In Utero 94 All Apologies (DGC) In Utero 94 Dumb (DGC) In Utero 94 About A Girl (DGC) MTV Unplugged In New York 94 Polly (DGC) MTV Unplugged In New York 94 Plateau (DGC) MTV Unplugged In New York 95 The Man Who Sold The World (DGC) MTV Unplugged In New York 95 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (DGC) MTV Unplugged In New York 96 Marigold (DGC) b-side 96 Aneurism (DGC) Live 02 You Know You're Right (Interscope) NITZER EBB 90 Join In The Chant (Geffen) That Total Age 91 Family Man (Geffen) Ebbhead 91 I Give To You (Geffen) Ebbhead 92 Godhead (Geffen) Ebbhead NIXONS 95 Happy Song (MCA) Foma 96 Sister (MCA) Foma 96 Wire (MCA) Foma 97 Miss U.S.A. (MCA) Nixons NO DOUBT 95 Just A Girl (Trauma/Interscope) Tragic Kingdom 96 Spiderwebs (Trauma/Interscope) Tragic Kingdom 96 Don't Speak (Trauma/Interscope) Tragic Kingdom 97 Excuse Me, Mr. (Trauma/Interscope) Tragic Kingdom 99 New (Work) Return Of Saturn 00 Ex-Girlfriend (Interscope) Return Of Saturn 00 Simple Kind Of Love (Trauma/Interscope) Return Of Saturn 01 Hey Baby (Interscope) Rock Steady 02 Hella Good (Interscope) Rock Steady 02 Underneath It All (Interscope) Rock Steady >> see MOBY NORTHSIDE 91 Take 5 (Geffen) Chicken Rhythms