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Oasis, Ocean Blue, Sinead O'Connor, Offspring, Oingo Boingo, OK Go, Oleander, OMD, OPM, Orb, Orbit, Orbital, Orgy, Beth Orton, Our Lady Peace, Ours, Owsley


 94  Supersonic (Creation/Epic) Definitely Maybe
 95  Live Forever (Creation/Epic) Definitely Maybe
 95  Rock 'N' Roll Star (Creation/Epic) Definitely Maybe
 95  (What's The Story) Morning Glory (Epic) (What's The Story) Morning Glory
 96  Wonderwall (Epic) (What's The Story) Morning Glory
 96  Champagne Supernova (Epic) (What's The Story) Morning Glory
 96  Don't Look Back In Anger (Epic) (What's The Story) Morning Glory
 97  D'You Know What I Mean (Epic) Be Here Now
 97  Don't Go Away (Epic) Be Here Now
 98  All Around The World (Epic) Be Here Now
 98  Acquiesce (Epic) Master Plan
 00  Go Let It Out (Epic) Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
 02  Hindu Times (Epic) import/single
 02  Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Epic)
 <<  see 80s
 91  Cerulean (Sire/Reprise) Cerulean
 92  Ballerina Out Of Control (Sire/Reprise) Cerulean
 92  Mercury (Sire/Reprise) Cerulean
 93  Sublime (Sire/Reprise) Beneath The Rhythm And Sound

 <<  see 80s
 90  Nothing Compares 2 U (Ensign) I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
 90  The Emperor's New Clothes (Ensign) I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
 92  Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home (Ensign) Am I Not Your Girl?
 94  You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart (Island) In The Name Of The Father Soundtrack


OFFSPRING 94 Come Out And Play (Epitaph) Smash 94 Self Esteem (Epitaph) Smash 95 Gotta Get Away (Epitaph) Smash 95 Kick Him When He's Down (Epitaph) Ignition 95 Smash It Up (Atlantic) Batman Forever Soundtrack 97 Gone Away (Columbia) Ixnay On The Hombre 97 I Choose (Columbia) Ixnay On The Hombre 98 Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (Columbia) Americana 99 Why Don't You Get A Job (Columbia) Americana 99 The Kids Aren't Alright (Columbia) Americana 99 She's Got Issues (Columbia) Americana 00 Totalimmortal (Elektra/EEG) Me Myself And Irene Soundtrack 00 Original Prankster (Columbia) Conspiracy Of One 01 Want You Bad (Columbia) Conspiracy Of One 01 Million Miles Away (Columbia) Conspiracy Of One 01 Want You Bad (Columbia) Conspiracy Of One 01 Defy You (Columbia) Orange County Soundtrack OINGO BOINGO << see 80s 90 When The Lights Go Out (MCA) Dark At The End Of The Tunnel 94 Hey! * listed as BOINGO (Giant) Boingo OK GO 02 Get Over It (Capitol) OK Go OLEANDER 99 Why I'm Here (Republic/Universal/UMG) February Son 99 I Walk Alone (Republic/Universal/UMG) February Son 01 Are You There (Republic/Universal) Unwind 01 Benign (Republic/Universal) Unwind 01 Halo (Republic/Universal) Unwind 01 Champion (Republic/Universal) OMC 97 How Bizarre (Huhi/Mercury) How Bizarre OMD (ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK) << see 80s 91 Pandora's Box (It's A Long, Long Way) (Virgin) Sugar Tax 93 Stand Above Me (Virgin) Liberator OPM 00 Heaven Is A Halfpipe (If I Die) (Atlantic/AG) Menace To Sobriety THE ORB 91 Little Fluffy Clouds (IRP) Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 91 Perpetual Dawn (IRP) Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 92 Blue Room (IRP) U.F. Orb 92 Assassin (IRP) ORBIT 97 Medicine (A&M) Libido Speedway ORBITAL 96 P.E.T.R.O.L. (Sire) In Sides 99 Way Out (FFRR/London/Sire/SRG) The Middle Of Nowhere ORGY 99 Blue Monday (Elementree/Reprise) Candyass 99 Stitches (Elementree/Reprise) Candyass 00 Fiction (Dreams In Digital) (Elementree/Reprise) Vapor Transmission 01 Opticon (Elementree/Reprise) Vapor Transmission BETH ORTON 96 She Cries Your Name (Dedicated) Trailer Park 98 Dolphins (Dedicated) Best Bit EP 99 Stolen Car (Arista) Central Reservation 99 Central Reservation (Arista) Central Reservation 99 Touch Me With Your Love (Arista) Central Reservation 02 Concrete Sky (Astralwerks/Capitol) Daybreaker OZZY OSBOURNE 91 No More Tears (Epic) No More Tears 91 Mama, I'm Coming Home (Epic) No More Tears 92 Road To Nowhere (Epic) No More Tears 92 Time After Time (Epic) No More Tears 93 Changes (Epic) Live & Loud 95 Perry Mason (Epic) Ozzmosis 97 War Pigs (Epic) The Ozzman Cometh 01 Gets Me Through (Epic) Down To Earth 01 No Easy Way Out (Epic) Down To Earth BETH ORTON 99 Stolen Car (Arista) Central Reservation OUR LADY PEACE 95 Starseed (Relativity) Naveed 95 Naveed (Relativity) Naveed 97 Superman's Dead (Columbia) Clumsy 98 Clumsy (Columbia) Clumsy 98 4am (Columbia) Clumsy 99 One Man Army (Columbia) Happiness Is Not A Fish You Can Catch 00 Is Anybody Home (Columbia) Happiness Is Not A Fish You Can Catch 01 Life (Columbia) Spiritual Machines 02 Somewhere Out There (Columbia) Gravity 02 Innocent (Columbia) Gravity OURS 01 Sometimes (DreamWorks) Distorted Lullabies OWSLEY 00 I'm Alright (Giant/WB) Owsley