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Papa Roach, Pearl Jam, Pennywise, Tom Petty, Liz Phair, Phish, Pixies, P.O.D., Poe, Iggy Pop, Porno For Pyros, Portishead, Posies, Powderfinger, Powerman 5000, Presidents, Pretenders, Primitive Radio Gods, Prime STH, Primus, Proclaimers, Prodigy, Psychedelic Furs, Puddle Of Mudd, Quarashi Queens Of The Stone Age


 00  Last Resort (DreamWorks) Infest
 00  Broken Home (DreamWorks) Infest
 01  Between Angels And Insects (DreamWorks) Infest
 02  She Loves Me Not (DreamWorks) Lovehate Tragedy
 02  Time And Time Again (DreamWorks) Lovehate Tragedy

 99  Bombshell (RCA)

 94  Cut Your Hair (Matador/Atlantic) Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
 94  Gold Soundz (Matador/Atlantic) Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
 95  Rattled By The Rush (Matador/Atlantic) Wowee Zowee
 91  Alive (Epic) Ten
 92  Even Flow (Epic) Ten
 92  Jeremy (Epic) Ten
 92  Breath (Epic) Singles Soundtrack
 92  State Of Love And Trust (Epic) Singles Soundtrack
 93  Black (Epic) Ten
 93  Why Go (Epic) Ten
 93  Crazy Mary (Thirsty Ear) Sweet Relief: A Benefit For Victoria Williams compilation
 93  Go (Epic) Vs.
 93  Animal (pic) Vs.
 93  Daughter (Epic) Vs.
 93  Rearview Mirror (Epic) Vs.
 94  Dissident (Epic) Vs.
 94  Indifference (Epic) Vs.
 94  Elderly Woman Behind The Corner In A Small Town (Epic) Vs.
 94  Glorified G (Epic) Vs.
 94  Yellow Ledbetter (Epic) b-side of Jeremy
 94  Spin The Black Circle (Epic) Vitalogy
 94  Tremor Christ (Epic) Vitalogy
 95  Better Man (Epic) Vitalogy
 95  Corduroy (Epic) Vitalogy
 95  Not For You (Epic) Vitalogy
 95  Immortality (Epic) Vitalogy
 96  I Got Id (Epic) single
 96  Long Road (Epic) b-side of I Got Id
 96  Leavin' Here (Epic) Home Alive compilation
 96  Who You Are (Epic) No Code
 96  Hail Hail (Epic) No Code
 98  Given To Fly (Epic) Yield
 98  Wishlist (Epic) Yield
 98  In Hiding (Epic) Yield
 98  Do The Evolution (Epic) Yield
 99  (Epic) Live On Two Legs
 99  Last Kiss (Epic) No Boundaries: A Benefit For The Kosovar Refugees
 00  Nothing As It Seems (Epic) Binaural
 00  Light Years (Epic) Binaural
 02  I Am Mine (Epic) Riot Act
 03  Save You (Epic) Riot Act
 03  Get Right (Epic) Riot Act

 90  No Myth (RCA) March
 90  This & That (RCA) March
 90  Brave New World (RCA) March
 92  Seen The Doctor (RCA) Free-For-All
 93  Long Way Down (RCA) Free-For-All

PENNYWISE 91 Wouldn't It Be Nice (Epitaph) Pennywise 92 Final Chapter (Epitaph) Wild Card/A Word From The Wise 93 Unknown Road (Epitaph) Unknown Road 95 Same Old Story (Epitaph) About Time 95 Searching (Epitaph) About Time 97 Get A Life (Epitaph) Full Circle 99 Alien (Epitaph) Straight Ahead 00 (Epitaph) Live At The Key Club 01 F**k Authority (Epitaph) Land Of The Free? 01 Divine Intervention (Epitaph) Land Of The Free? PET SHOP BOYS << see 80s 90 How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (EMI) Behavior 90 So Hard (EMI) Behavior 91 Where The Streets Have No Name/I Can't Take My Eyes Off You (EMI) Discography - The Complete Singles Collection 93 Go West (EMI) Very TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS << see 70s << see 80s 91 Learning To Fly (MCA) Into The Great Wide Open 91 Into The Great Wide Open (MCA) Into The Great Wide Open 94 Mary Jane's Last Dance (MCA) Greatest Hits 94 You Don't Know How It Feels * TOM PETTY (Warner Brothers) Wildflowers 95 It's Good To Be King * TOM PETTY (Warner Brothers) Wildflowers 96 Walls * TOM PETTY (Warner Brothers) She's The One Soundtrack 99 Room At The Top * TOM PETTY (Warner Brothers) Echo 02 The Last DJ (Warner Brothers) The Last DJ 03 Have Love Will Travel (Warner Brothers) The Last DJ LIZ PHAIR 94 Supernova (Matador/Atlantic) Whip-Smart 95 Whip-Smart (Matador/Atlantic) Whip-Smart 98 Polyester Bride (Matador/Capitol) Whitechocolatespaceegg PHISH 94 Down With Disease (Elektra) Hoist 94 Fast Enough For You (Elektra) Hoist 95 Bouncing Around The Room (Elektra) Live One 96 Gumbo (Elektra) Live One 96 Free (Elektra) Billy Breathes 97 (Elektra/EEG) Slip Stitch And Pass 98 The Story Of A Ghost (Elektra/EEG) The Story Of A Ghost PINK FLOYD << see 70s << see 80s 94 Keep Talking (Columbia) The Division Bell 94 Take It Back (Columbia) The Division Bell PIXIES << see 80s 90 Velouria (Elektra) Bossanova 90 Dig For Fire (Elektra) Bossanova 91 Letter To Memphis (Elektra) Tromp Le Monde 92 Head On (Elektra) Tromp Le Monde 97 (4AD/Elektra/EEG) Death To The Pixies PLACEBO 98 Pure Morning (Hut/Virgin) Without You I'm Nothing P.O.D. 00 Southtown (Atlantic/AG) The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown 00 Rock The Party (Off The Hook/Atlantic/AG) The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown 01 Alive (Atlantic/AG) Satellite 02 Youth Of A Nation (Atlantic/AG) Satellite 02 Boom (Atlantic/AG) Satellite 02 Satellite (Atlantic/AG) Satellite POE 95 Trigger Happy Jack (Atlantic) Hello 96 Angry Johnny (Atlantic) Hello 96 Dolphin (Atlantic) Hello 98 Today (Atlantic) Great Expectations Soundtrack 01 Hey Pretty (Fishkin/Atlantic/AG) IGGY POP << see 70s << see 80s 90 Home (Virgin) Brick By Brick 90 Candy * with KATE PIERSON of The B-52's (Virgin) Brick By Brick 93 Wild America (Virgin) American Caesar 96 Lust For Life (re-issue)(Capitol/EMI) Trainspotting Soundtrack PORNO FOR PYROS 93 Cursed Female (Warner Brothers) Porno For Pyros 93 Pets (Warner Brothers) Porno For Pyros 93 Porno For Pyros (Warner Brothers) Porno For Pyros 93 Meija (Warner Brothers) Porno For Pyros 96 Tahitian Moon (Warner Brothers) Good God's Urge 97 Hard Charger (Warner Brothers) Howard Stern Private Parts Soundtrack PORTISHEAD 95 Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me) (Go! Discs) Dummy 97 (Go! Beat/London) Portishead 97 (Go! Beat/London) PNYC POSIES 90 Golden Blunders (DGC) Dear 23 93 Dream All Day (DGC) Frosting On The Beater 94 Going, Going, Gone (RCA) Reality Bites Soundtrack POSSUM DIXON 94 Watch The Girl Destroy Me (Interscope) Possum Dixon 98 Holding (Lenny's Song) (Interscope) POWDERFINGER 01 My Happiness (Republic/Universal) Odyssey Number Five POWERMAN 5000 99 When Worlds Collide (Dreamworks) Tonight The Stars Revolt! 00 Nobody's Real (Dreamworks) Tonight The Stars Revolt! 01 Relax (Hollywood) PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 95 Lump (Columbia) Presidents Of The United States Of America 95 Kitty (Columbia) Presidents Of The United States Of America 96 Peaches (Columbia) Presidents Of The United States Of America 96 Dune Buggy (Columbia) Presidents Of The United States Of America 96 Mach 5 (Columbia) (Columbia) Presidents Of The United States Of America 2 98 Video Killed The Radio Star (Columbia)Pure Frosting 98 Cleveland Rocks (Rhino) Music From The Drew Carey Show PRETENDERS << see 80s 90 Never Do That (Sire) Packed! 90 Hold A Candle To This (Sire) Packed! 90 Sense Of Purpose (Sire) Packed! 94 Night In My Veins (Sire/Warner) Last Of The Independents 94 I'll Stand By You (Sire/Warner) Last Of The Independents 02 Complex Person (Artemis) Loose Screw PRIMAL SCREAM 90 Loaded (Sire) Come Together 91 Come Together (Sire) Come Together 91 Movin' On Up (Sire) Screamadelica 94 Rocks (Sire) Give Out But Don't Give Up PRIMITIVE RADIO GODS 96 Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand (Work) The Cable Guy Soundtrack PRIME STH 01 I'm Stupid (Don't Worry) (Giant/Reprise) Underneath The Surface PRIMUS 91 Jerry Was A Race Car Driver (Interscope) Sailing The Seas Of Cheese 91 Tommy The Cat (Interscope) Sailing The Seas Of Cheese 92 Making Plans For Nigel (Interscope) Miscellaneous Debris 92 Have A Cigar (Interscope) Miscellaneous Debris 93 My Name Is Mud (Interscope) Pork Soda 93 Mr. Krinkle (Interscope) Pork Soda 95 Wynona's Big Brown Beaver (Interscope) Tales From The Punch Bowl 97 Over The Falls (Prawn Song/Interscope) The Brown Album 98 (Prawn Song/Interscope) Rhinoplasty 99 Electric Uncle Sam (Prawn Song/Interscope) Antipop PROCLAIMERS 93 I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) * reissue of 89 release (Milan) Benny & Joon Soundtrack also Sunshine On Leith (Chrysalis) PRODIGY 92 Jericho (Elektra/Asylum) Experience 95 Poison (Mute) Music For The Jilted Generation 95 Voodoo People (Mute) Music For The Jilted Generation 97 Smack My Bitch Up (XL/Mute/Maverick/WB) The Fat Of The Land 97 Firestarter (XL/Mute/Maverick/WB) The Fat Of The Land 97 Breathe (XL/Mute/Maverick/WB) The Fat Of The Land PROPELLERHEADS 98 History Repeating (DMW) Decksanddrumsandrockandroll PSYCHEDELIC FURS << see 80s 90 House (Columbia) Book Of Days 91 Until She Comes (Columbia) World Outside 91 Don't Be A Girl (Columbia) World Outside PUBLIC IMAGE LTD << see 80s 90 Don't Ask Me (Virgin) The Greatest Hits So far 92 Covered * PIL (Virgin) That What Is Not 92 Acid Drops * PIL (Virgin) That What Is Not PUDDLE OF MUDD 01 Control (Flawless/Geffen/Interscope) Come Clean 01 Blurry (Flawless/Geffen/Interscope) Come Clean 02 Drift And Die (Flawless/Geffen/Interscope) Come Clean 02 She Hates Me (Flawless/Geffen/Interscope) Come Clean QUARASHI 02 Stick 'Em Up (Columbia) Jinx 02 Mr. Jinx (Columbia) Jinx FINLEY QUAYE 98 Sunday Shining (550 Music) Maverick A Strike QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE 00 The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret (Interscope) R 02 No One Knows (Interscope) Songs For The Deaf QUEENSRYCHE 90 Silent Lucidity (EMI) Empire 94 I Am I (EMI) Promised Land