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Saliva, Santana, Save Ferris, School Of Fish, Screaming Trees, Seal, Sebadoh, Seether, Semisonic, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Sevendust, Seven Mary Three, Shaggy, Silver Chair, Simple Minds, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Sister Hazel, Sixpence None The Richer, Slipknot, Smashing Pumpkins, Smashmouth, Smithereens, Sneaker Pimps, Social Burn, Social Distortion, Something Corporate, Sonic Youth, Son Volt, Soul Asylum, Soul Coughing, Soundgarden, Spacehog, Spin Doctors, Splender, Sponge, Sprung Monkey, Squeeze, Squirrel Nut Zippers, SR-71, Stabbing Westward, Staind, Stereo MC's, Sting, Stir, Stone Sour, Stone Temple Pilots, Strait Up, Stroke 9, Strokes, Sugar Ray, Suicide Machines, Sum 41, Sundays, Matthew Sweet, System Of A Down


 01  Your Disease (Island/IDJMG) Every Six Seconds
 01  Click Click Boom (Island/IDJMG) Every Six Seconds
 02  After Me (Island/IDJMG) Every Six Seconds
 02  Always (Island/IDJMG) Back Into Your System 
 03  Rest In Pieces (Island/IDJMG) Back Into Your System 

 <<  see 70s
 <<  see 80s
 99  Smooth * featuring ROB THOMAS (Arista) Supernatural
 99  Put Your Lights On * featuring EVERLAST (Arista) Supernatural
 00  Maria, Maria (Arista) Supernatural
 00  Wishing It Was * featuring EAGLE EYE CHERRY (Arista) Supernatural
 00  Corazon Espinado (Arista) Supernatural
 00  Love Of My Life * featuring DAVE MATTHEWS (Arista) Supernatural
 02  The Game Of Love * featuring MICHELLE BRANCH (Arista) Shaman

 97  Come On Eileen (Starpool/Epic) It Means Everything
 98  Goodbye (Starpool/Epic) It Means Everything

 91  3 Strange Days (Capitol) School Of Fish
 93  Take Me Anywhere (Capitol) Human Cannonball

 91  Bed Of Roses (Epic) Uncle Anesthesia
 92  Nearly Lost You (Epic) Sweet Oblivion
 93  Dollar Bill (Epic) Sweet Oblivion
 96  All I Know (Epic) Dust
 96  Sworn And Broken (Epic) Dust

 91  Crazy (Sire) Seal
 94  Manic Depression * with JEFF BECK (Reprise) Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Endrix compilation
 94  Prayer For The Dying (Sire) Seal (follow-up to 91 album)
 95  Kiss From A Rose (Atlantic) Batman Forever Soundtrack
 94  Rebound (Sub Pop) Bakesale
 96  Ocean (Sub Pop) Harmacy
 99  Flame (Subpop/Sire/SRG) Sebadoh

 02  Fine Again (Wind-Up) Disclaimer
 03  Driven Under (Wind-Up) Disclaimer

 96  Cannon (Zoo) Subliminal Plastic Motives

 96  Down In Flames (MCA) Great Divide
 96  If I Run (MCA) Great Divide
 96  FNT (Fascinating New Thing)(MCA) Great Divide used in 2002 Bacardi TV commercial
 98  Closing Time (MCA) Feeling Strangely Fine
 98  Singing In My Sleep (MCA) Feeling Strangely Fine
 99  Secret Smile (MCA) Feeling Strangely Fine

 98  Jump, Jive, An Wail (Interscope) The Dirty Boogie

 99  Denial (TVT) Home
 00  Waffle (TVT) Home
 01  Praise (TVT)
 02  Live Again (TVT) Animosity
 02  Crucified (TVT) Animosity

 95  Cumbersome (Atlantic) American Standard
 96  Water's Edge (Atlantic) American Standard
 97  Lucky (Mammoth/Atlantic/AG) Rockcrown
 98  Over Your Shoulder (Mammoth/Atlantic/AG) Orange Avenue
 01  Wait (Mammoth) Economy Of Sound
 01  Sleepwalking (Mammoth) Economy Of Sound

 99  Valentine (Universal/UMG) Eyewitness

SHAGGY 93 Oh Carolina (Virgin) Pure Pleasure 00 It Wasn't Me (MCA) Hotshot 01 Angel (MCA) Hotshot SHOWOFF 99 Falling Star (Maverick/WB) Showoff SILVERCHAIR 95 Tomorrow (Epic) Frogstomp 96 Israel's Son (Epic) Frogstomp 97 Abuse Me (Murmur/Epic) Freak Show 97 Freak (Murmur/Epic) Freak Show 99 Anthem For The Year 2000 (Murmur/Epic) Neon Ballroom 99 Ana's Song (Open Fire) (Murmur/Epic) Neon Ballroom 02 The Greatest View (Atlantic) Diorama PAUL SIMON 90 The Obvious Child (Columbia) Rhythm Of The Saints 02 Father And Daughter (Nick/Jive) >> see 70s >> see 80s SIMPLE MINDS << see 80s 91 See The Lights (A&M) Real Life 91 Stand By Love (A&M) Real Life 95 She's A River (Virgin) Good News From The Next World SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES << see 80s 91 Kiss Them For Me (Geffen) Superstition 91 Shadowtime (Geffen) Superstition 92 Fear (Of The Unknown) Superstition 92 Face To Face (Warner Brothers) Batman Returns Soundtrack 95 O Baby (Geffen) The Rapture SISTER HAZEL 98 Happy (Universal) Somewhere More Familiar 98 All For You (Universal) Somewhere More Familiar SISTERS OF MERCY << see 80s 90 More (Elektra) Vision Thing 91 Detonation Boulevard (Elektra) Vision Thing 92 Under The Gun (Elektra) SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER 99 Kiss Me (Squint/Columbia) Sixpence None The Richer 99 There She Goes (Squint/Columbia) Sixpence None The Richer SLIPKNOT 99 Wait and Bleed (Roadrunner) Slipknot 01 Left Behind (Roadrunner) Iowa SMASHING PUMPKINS 91 Rhinoceros (Caroline) Gish 92 Drown (Epic) Singles Soundtrack 93 Cherub Rock (Virgin) Siamese Dream 93 Disarm (Virgin) Siamese Dream 93 Today (Virgin) Siamese Dream 94 Mayonaise (Virgin) Siamese Dream 94 Rocket (Virgin) Siamese Dream 94 Landslide (Virgin) Pisces Iscariot 94 Whir (Virgin) Pisces Iscariot 95 Never Let Me Down Again (Virgin) b-side 95 Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Virgin) Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness 96 1979 (Virgin) Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness 96 Tonight, Tonight (Virgin) Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness 96 Zero (Virgin) Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness 96 Muzzle (Virgin) Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness 97 Thirty Three (Virgin) Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness 97 Eye (Nothing/Interscope) Lost Highway Soundtrack 97 The End Is The Beginning Is The End (Warner Sunset/WB) Batman & Robin Soundtrack 98 Ava Adore (Virgin) Adore 98 Perfect (Virgin) Adore 00 An Everlasting Gaze (Virgin) Machina/The Machines Of God 00 Stand Inside Your Love (Virgin) Machina/The Machines Of God SMASHMOUTH 97 Walkin' On The Sun (Interscope) Fush Yu Mang 98 Why Can't We Be Friends (Interscope) Fush Yu Mang 98 Can't Get Enough Of You Baby (Elektra/EEG) Astro Lounge 99 All Star (Interscope) Astro Lounge 99 Then The Morning Comes (Interscope) Astro Lounge 01 I'm A Believer (Interscope) Shrek Soundtrack 01 Pacific Coast Party (Interscope) PATTI SMITH << see 70s 96 Summer Cannibals (BMG/Arista) Gone Again SMITHEREENS << see 80s 90 Blues Before And After (Enigma) 11 90 Yesterday Girl (Enigma) 11 91 Top Of The Pops (Capitol) Blow Up 91 Tell Me When Did Things Go So Wrong (Capitol) Blow Up 92 Too Much Passion (Capitol) Blow Up SMOKING POPES 95 Need You Around (Capitol) Born To Quit SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY 00 How Soon Is Now (Kinetic/Reprise) Sonic Jihad SNEAKER PIMPS 97 6 Underground (Virgin) Becoming X 02 Sick (Tommy Boy) Blood Sports JILL SOBULE 95 I Kissed A Girl (Lava) Jill Sobule SOCIAL BURN 03 Down (Elektra) Where You Are SOCIAL DISTORTION 90 Let It Be Me (Epic) Social Distortion 90 Ball And Chain (Epic) Social Distortion 90 Ring Of Fire (Epic) Social Distortion 90 Story Of My Life (Epic) Social Distortion 92 Bad Luck (Epic) Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell 92 Cold Feelings (Epic) Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell 92 When She Begins (Epic) Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell 96 I Was Wrong (550 Music) White Light, White Heat, White Trash 98 (Time Bomb) Live At The Roxy SOHO 90 Hippychick (Atco) Goddess SOMETHING CORPORATE 02 If You C Jordan (Drive-Thru/MCA) Audioboxer 02 I Woke Up In A Car (Drive-Thru/MCA) Audioboxer SONIC YOUTH << see 80s 90 Kool Thing (DGC) Goo 92 100% (DGC) Dirty 94 Bull In The Heather (DGC) Experimental Jet Set Trash And No Star 94 Superstar (A&M) If I Were A Carpenter compilation 98 Sunday (DGC) A Thousand Leaves SON VOLT 95 Drown (Warner Brothers) Trace 95 Windfall (Warner Brothers) Trace 97 Back Into Your World (Warner Brothers) Straitaways 98 Medicine Hat (Warner Brothers) Wide Swing Tremelo SOUL ASYLUM 90 Spinnin' (A&M) And The Horses They Rode In On 90 Easy Street (A&M) And The Horses They Rode In On 92 Somebody To Shove (Columbia) Grave Dancers Union 93 Black Gold (Columbia) Grave Dancers Union 93 Runaway Train (Columbia) Grave Dancers Union 93 Summer Of Drugs (Thirsty Ear) Sweet Relief: A Benefit Fpr Victoria Williams compilation 93 Without A Trace (Columbia) Grave Dancers Union 93 Sexual Healing (Arista) No Alternative compilation 94 Can't Even Tell (Chaos/Columbia) Clerks Soundtrack 95 Misery (Columbia) Let Your Dim Light Shine 95 Just Like Anyone (Columbia) Let Your Dim Light Shine 98 I Will Still Be Laughing (Columbia) Candy From A Stranger SOUL COUGHING 96 Soundtrack To Mary (Slash/WB) Irresistible Bliss 97 Soft Serve (Slash/WB) Irresistible Bliss 98 Circles (Slash/WB) El Oso S Continued