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Talking Heads, Tantric, Taproot, Tears For Fears, Temple Of The Dog, The The, They Might Be Giants, Third Eye Blind, Tinstar, Toadies, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Tonic, Tool, Train, Travis, U2, Unwritten Law, Urge, Urge Overkill, Vast, Suzanne Vega, Vertical Horizon, Veruca Salt, Verve, Verve Pipe, Vines, Violent Femmes, Wallflowers, Weezer, White Stripes, White Town, White Zombie, Widespread Panic, Wilco, Lucinda Williams, Robbie Williams, World Party, Pete Yorn, X-ecutioners, XTC, Zebrahead, Rob Zombie, Zwan


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  <<  see 80s
  92  Sax And Violins (Warner Brothers) Until The End Of The World Soundtrack
  92  Lifetime Piling Up (Sire) Popular Favorites: 1976-1992: Sand In The Vasoline
  97  Hello Hello (Atlantic/AG) Talk Show

  01  Breakdown (Maverick/WB) Tantric
  01  Astounded (Maverick/WB) Tantric
  01  Mourning (Maverick/WB) Tantric

  02  Poem (VH/Atlantic) Welcome
  03  Mine (VH/Atlantic) Welcome

  99  Get Set (MTV Films/Sire/SRG) Imaginate

  <<  see 80s
  92  Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) (Fontana) Greatest Hits 82-92
  93  Break It Down Again (Mercury) Elemental
  93  Elemental (Mercury) Elemental

  92  Star Sign (DGC) Bandwagonesque
  92  The Concept (DGC) Bandwagonesque
  92  What You Do To Me (DGC) Bandwagonesque
  93  Hang On (DGC) Thirteen

  92  Hunger Strike (A&M) Temple Of The Dog
  92  Say Hello To Heaven (A&M) Temple Of The Dog

  97  Never Say Never (DGC) Retreat From The Sun

  <<  see 80s
  90  Jealous Of Youth (Epic)
  93  Dogs Of Lust (Epic) Dusk
  93  Love Is Stronger Than Death (Epic) Dusk
  93  Slow Emotion Replay (Epic) Dusk
  95  I Saw The Light (550 Music) Hanky Panky

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS << see 80s 90 Birdhouse In Your Soul (Elektra) Flood 90 Twisting (Elektra) Flood 90 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Elektra) Flood 90 Particle Man (Elektra) Flood 92 The Guitar (Elektra) Apollo 18 92 The Statue Got Me High (Elektra) Apollo 18 93 Why Does The Sun Shine (Elektra) 94 Snail Shell (Elektra) John Henry THIRD EYE BLIND 97 Semi-Charmed Life (Elektra/EEG) Third Eye Blind 97 Graduate (Elektra/EEG) Third Eye Blind 97 How It's Going To Be (Elektra/EEG) Third Eye Blind 98 Losing A Whole Year (Elektra/EEG) Third Eye Blind 98 Jumper (Elektra/EEG) Third Eye Blind 99 Anything (Elektra/EEG) Blue 00 Never Let You Go (Elektra/EEG) Blue 00 10 Days Late (Elektra/EEG) Blue 00 Deep Inside Of You (Elektra/EEG) Blue 02 Faster (Elektra/EEG) Crystal Baller THIS PICTURE 91 Naked Rain (Dedicated) A Violent Impression 92 Breathe Deeply Now (Dedicated) Breathe Deeply Now THOMPSON TWINS << see 80s 92 Come Inside (Warner Brothers) TRAPT 03 Headstrong (Warner Brothers) Trapt THROWING MUSES 91 Counting Backwards (Sire) The Real Ramona 95 Bright Yellow Gun (Sire/Reprise) University TIN STAR 99 Head (V2) Thrill Kisser TOADIES 95 Possum Kingdom (Interscope) Rubberneck 96 Away (Interscope) Rubberneck TOAD THE WET SPROCKET << see 80s 90 Come Back Down (Columbia) Pale 92 All I Want (Columbia) Fear 92 Walk On The Ocean (Columbia) Fear 92 Hold Her Down (Columbia) Fear 94 Fall Down (Columbia) Dulcinea 94 Something's Always Wrong (Columbia) Dulcinea 95 Crazy Life (A&M) Empire Records Soundtrack 97 Come Down (Columbia) Coil TONIC 96 Open Up Your Eyes (Polydor/A&M) Lemon Parade 97 If You Could Only See (Polydor/A&M) Lemon Parade 97 Soldier's Daughter (Polydor/A&M) Lemon Parade 99 You Wanted More (Universal/UMG) Sugar 99 Knock Down Walls (Universal/UMG) Sugar TOOL 92 Sweat (Volcano/Zoo) Opiate EP 93 Sober (Volcano/Zoo) Undertow 94 Prison Sex (Volcano/Zoo) Undertow 94 Intolerance (Volcano/Zoo) Undertow 96 Stinkfist (Volcano/Zoo) Aenima 97 Forty Six & 2 (Volcano/Zoo) Aenima 97 H. (Volcano/Zoo) Aenima 00 Part Of Me (Volcano/Zoo) Salival 01 Schism (Volcano/Zoo) Lateralus 01 Lateralus (Volcano/Zoo) Lateralus 02 Parabola (Volcano/Zoo) Lateralus TRAIN 99 Meet Virginia (Aware/Columbia) Train 99 I Am (Aware/Columbia) Train 01 Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me) (Aware/Columbia) Drops Of Jupiter 01 Something More (Aware/Columbia) Drops Of Jupiter 02 She's On Fire (Aware/Columbia) Drops Of Jupiter TRANSPLANTS 03 Diamonds & Guns (Epitaph) Transplants 03 DJ DJ (Epitaph) Transplants TRANSVISION VAMP << see 80s 92 (I Just Wanna) B With You (MCA) TRAVIS 01 Sing (Independiente/Epic) Invisible Band 01 Side (Independiente/Epic) TRIPPING DAISY 93 My Umbrella (Island) Bill 95 I Got A Girl (Island) I Am An Elastic Firecracker TRIK TURNER 02 Friends + Family (RCA) Trik Turner 02 Sacrifice (RCA) Trik Turner TRUSTCOMPANY 02 Downfall (Geffen/Interscope) The Lonely Passion Of Neutral 02 Running From Me (Geffen/Interscope) The Lonely Passion Of Neutral UB40 << see 80s 90 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (Virgin) Labour Of Love II 90 The Way You Do The Things You Do (A&M) Labour Of Love II 93 Can't Help Falling In Love (Virgin) Sliver Soundtrack 93 Higher Ground (Virgin) Promises And Lies U2 << see 80s 90 Night And Day (Chrysalis) Red Hot + Blue compilation 91 The Fly (Island) Achtung Baby 91 Mysterious Ways (Island) Achtung Baby 91 Zoo Station (Island) Achtung Baby 92 One (Island) Achtung Baby 92 Until The End Of The World (Island) Achtung Baby 92 Even Better Than The Real Thing (Island) Achtung Baby 92 Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Island) Achtung Baby 92 Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World (Island) Achtung Baby 93 Numb (Island) Zooropa 93 Lemon (Island) Zooropa 94 Stay (Faraway, So Close) (Island) Zooropa 94 All I Want Is You * reissue (RCA) Reality Bites Soundtrack 95 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (Atlantic) Batman Forever Soundtrack 97 Discoteque (Island) Pop 97 Staring At The Sun (Island) Pop 97 Last Night On Earth (Island) Pop 97 Please (Island) Pop 98 Sweetest Thing (Island) Best Of 1980-1990 00 The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Interscope) All That You Can't Leave Behind 00 Beautiful Day (Interscope) All That You Can't Leave Behind 01 Walk On (Interscope) All That You Can't Leave Behind 01 Elevation (Interscope) All That You Can't Leave Behind 01 Stuck In A Moment (Interscope) All That You Can't Leave Behind 02 In A Little While (Interscope) All That You Can't Leave Behind 02 Electrical Storm (Interscope) Greatest Hits UNWRITTEN LAW 99 Cailin (Interscope) Unwritten Law 02 Seein' Red (Interscope) Elva 02 Up All Night (Interscope) Elva 03 Rest Of My Life (Interscope) Elva THE URGE 98 Jump Right In (Immortal/Epic) Master Of Styles URGE OVERKILL 93 Sister Havana (Geffen) Saturation 94 Positive Bleeding (Geffen) Saturation 94 Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (MCA) Pulp Fiction Soundtrack US3 94 Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)(Blue Note) Hand On The Torch VAST 99 Touched (Elektra/EEG) Visual Audio Sensory Theater 00 Free (Elektra/EEG) Music For People 01 I Don't Have Anything (Elektra/EEG) Music For People EDDIE VEDDER 02 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (V2) I Am Sam Soundtrack SUZANNE VEGA << see 80s 90 Book Of Dreams (A&M) Days Of Open Hand 90 Tom's Diner * listed as DNA featuring SUZANNE VEGA (A&M) 92 Blood Makes Noise (A&M) 99.9F 93 99.9F (A&M) 99.9F 96 Birthday (A&M) Nine Objects Of Desire 01 Widow's Walk (A&M/Interscope) Songs In Red And Gray 02 Last Year's Troubles (A&M/Interscope) Songs In Red And Gray VERTICAL HORIZON 99 We Are (RCA) Everything You Want 00 Eveything You Want (RCA) Everything You Want 00 You're A God (RCA) Everything You Want VERUCA SALT 94 Seether (Minty Fresh/Geffen) American Thighs 95 Number One Blind (Minty Fresh/Geffen) American Thighs 97 Volcano Girls (Outpost/Geffen) Eight Arms To Hold You THE VERVE 97 Bittersweet Symphony (Hut/Virgin) Urban Hymns 98 Lucky Man (Hut/Virgin) Urban Hymns VERVE PIPE 96 Photograph (RCA) Villains 97 The Freshmen (RCA) Villains 97 Villains (RCA) Villains 99 Hero (RCA) Verve Pipe 01 Never Let You Down (RCA) VIBROLUSH 00 Touch And Go (Iguana/V2) Touch And Go VINES 02 Get Free (Capitol) Highly Evolved 02 Outtathaway (Capitol) Highly Evolved VIOLENT FEMMES << see 80s 91 American Music (Slash) Why Do Birds Sing? 94 Breakin' Up (Elektra) New Times VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE 91 Monsters And Angels (London) Honey Lingers WALLFLOWERS 96 6th Avenue Heartache (Interscope) Bringing Down The Horse 97 One Headlight (Interscope) Bringing Down The Horse 97 The Difference (Interscope) Bringing Down The Horse 97 Three Marlenas (Interscope) Bringing Down The Horse 98 Heroes (Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax) Godzilla Soundtrack 00 Sleepwalker (Interscope) Breach 01 Letters From The Wasteland (Interscope) Breach 02 When You're On Top (Interscope) Red Letter Days 03 How Good It Can Get (Interscope) Red Letter Days MIKE WATT 95 Against The 70's * with EDDIE VEDDER (Columbia) Ball-hog Or Tugboat? 95 Big Train (Columbia) Ball-hog Or Tugboat? WEEN 93 Push Th' Little Daisies (Elektra) Pure Guava 94 Voodoo Lady (Elektra) Chocolate And Cheese WEEZER 94 Undone-The Sweater Song (DGC) Weezer 94 Buddy Holly (DGC) Weezer 95 Say It Ain't So (DGC) Weezer 96 Scorcho (DGC) Pinkerton 01 Hash Pipe (Geffen/Interscope) The Green Album 01 Island In The Sun (Geffen/Interscope) The Green Album 01 Photograph (Geffen/Interscope) The Green Album 02 Dope Nose (Geffen/Interscope) Maladroit 02 Keep Fishin' (Geffen/Interscope) Maladroit SCOTT WEILAND 98 Barbarella (Atlantic/AG) 12 Bar Blues PAUL WELLER 92 Uh Huh Oh Yeh (Go!/London) Paul Weller 97 (Island) Heavy Soul PAUL WESTERBERG 92 Dyslexic Heart (Epic) Singles Soundtrack 93 World Class Fad (Sire) 14 Songs WHEATUS 00 Teenage Dirtbag (Columbia) Wheatus WHITE STRIPES 02 Fell In Love With A Girl (Third Man/V2) White Blood Cells 02 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (Third Man/V2) White Blood Cells 02 We're Going To Be Friends (Third Man/V2) White Blood Cells 03 Seven Nation Army (Third Man/V2) Elephant WHITE TOWN 97 Your Woman (EMI) Women In Technology WHITE ZOMBIE 93 Thunder Kiss '65 (Geffen) La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. One 94 Black Sunshine (Geffen) La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. One 95 More Human Than Human (Geffen) Astro-Creep 2000 96 Super Charger Heaven (Geffen) Astro-Creep 2000 WIDESPREAD PANIC 94 Can't Get High (Capricorn) Ain't Life Grand 94 Airplane (Capricorn) Ain't Life Grand 97 Aunt Avis (Capricorn) Bombs And Butterflies 97 Greta (Capricorn) Bombs And Butterflies 98 Wondering (Capricorn) Light Fuse, Get Away 98 Travelin' Light (Capricorn) Light Fuse, Get Away 99 All Time Low (Capricorn) 'Til The Medicine Takes 01 Little Lily * with CARLOS SANTANA (Sanctuary) Don't Tell The Band 01 This Part Of Town (Widespread/SRG) WILCO 95 Box Full Of Letters (Reprise) A.M. 97 Outtasite (Outta Mind) (Reprise) Being There 99 Shot In The Arm (Reprise) Summer Teeth 02 Heavy Metal Drummer (Reprise) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot LUCINDA WILLIAMS 88 Passionate Kisses (Rough Trade) Lucinda Williams 98 Can't Let Go (Mercury) Car Wheels On A Gravel Road 01 Essence (Lost Highway/IDJMG) Essence 01 Get Right With God (Lost Highway/IDJMG) Essence 03 Righteous (Lost Highway/IDJMG) World Without Tears ROBBIE WILLIAMS 99 Millennium (Capitol) The Ego Has Landed WORLD PARTY << see 80s 90 Way Down Now (Ensign) Goodbye Jumbo 90 Put The Message In The Box (Ensign) Goodbye Jumbo 93 Is It Like Today? (Ensign) Bang 94 When You Come Back To Me (RCA) Reality Bites X-ECUTIONERS 02 It's Goin' Down (Loud/Columbia) Built From Scratch XTC << see 80s 92 Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (Geffen) Nonsuch XYMOX << see 80s 91 Phoenix Of My Heart (Wing) Phoenix PETER YORN 01 Life On A Chain (Columbia) Music For The Morning After 02 Strange Condition (Columbia) Music For The Morning After NEIL YOUNG << see 70s << see 80s 90 Mansion On The Hill (Reprise) Ragged Glory 92 Harvest Moon (Reprise) Harvest Moon 94 Sleeps With Angels (Reprise) Sleeps With Angels 95 Downtown * with PEARL JAM (Reprise) Mirror Ball 96 This Town (Reprise) Broken Arrow 00 Silver & Gold (Reprise) Silver & Gold 01 Let's Roll (Reprise) track, in 2002 appeared on Are You Passionate? 02 Differently (Reprise) Are You Passionate? ZEBRAHEAD 99 Get Back (Columbia) Waste Of Mind 00 Playmate Of The Year (Columbia) Playmate Of The Year ROB ZOMBIE 98 Dragula (Geffen) Hellbilly Deluxe 99 Living Dead Girl (Geffen) American Made Music To Strip By 01 Feel So Numb (Geffen/Interscope) The Sinister Urge 02 Never Gonna Stop (Geffen/Interscope) The Sinister Urge 02 Demon Speeding (Geffen/Interscope) The Sinister Urge ZWAN 03 Honestly (Reprise) Mary Star Of The Sea