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MtAltra was a website from January 2002 through March 2004 serving the alternative music community. It was aimed mainly at alternative radio programmers as a research tool. But it was also presented in such a way so that the alternative music fan could appreciate the information.

Because the format began to fall steadily in popularity from the late 1990s on, it became apparent by 2004 that not even this extensive site full of data, lists and commentary could help turn the format around, so the site ceased to exist after March 31, 2004.

Prior to the site's closing it was taken over by radio friend Sam Cadura, who agreed that the alternative format had been beaten down by the industry and that its future as a viable radio format was in question. Despite the downturn in radio ratings and record sales, MtAltra had a loyal following of 900-1100 visitors per week. The above links represent some of the most popular pages of the site and they are preserved here.

The downfall of the alternative radio format is thoroughly documented in The Rise of Alternative Radio by Alex Cosper. In a nutshell, what happened was this: alternative radio was the hottest radio format of the early to mid-nineties across America. It was a refreshing change for music fans bored with the tightly structured predictable formats based on industry hype. These other formats presumed that what 60% of the public liked was best for all. Then the alternative format, which had been developing for decades, began to accelerate in popularity beginning in the early nineties.

Unfortunately, by the end of the decade, alternative radio had transformed into an over-hyped corporate format and then fragmented into a bunch of other generic corporate formats. It became just as redundant, mundane and boring as all the other formats, forcing true music fans to search for better music in other places, such as cable channels, satellite radio and the internet. On the bright side, this downfall ultimately set the stage and paved the way for independent artists to pursue new directions.

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